Healthy Meal Ideas: Here Are Some Chinese Dishes You Can Try While In Quarantine


Maintaining a social distance can be difficult and eating healthy can be a task. Here are 5 healthy meal ideas to cook Chinese dishes while being quarantined.

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healthy meal ideas

Amid Coronavirus outbreak, people across the world have self-quarantined themselves and are spending time inside their homes. While gyms have also been locked up as a preventive measure to stop the Coronavirus from spreading, it is essential for people to savour on healthy dishes to give a boost to immunity. Here are five healthy Chinese dishes to cook during your quarantine period.

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5 healthy Chinese meal ideas

Chinese Fried rice

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Chinese Fried rice is cooked using stir-fried vegetables along with spices and sauces. Other food ingredients like egg, chicken and seafood can also be added in this dish to make it tastier. In order to make your dish healthy, it is advised to avoid the usage of Ajinomoto and substitute it with olive or sesame oil. 

Sweet and Sour chicken

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Sweet and Sour Chicken is another healthy yet tasty idea of a Chinese dish. All you need to cook this dish is pineapple, capsicum and onions. For the sour taste, use soy sauce and for a sweet taste in your gravy, add some ketchup. The chicken which is deep-fried can also be baked, and you can experiment with your dish using various other healthy sauces. 

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Lettuce sandwich

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Sandwiches are a healthy option of a meal because they’re filled with vegetables. A lettuce sandwich is also an option in which lettuce is substituted for bread. It is essential to pick up the crunchiest lettuce and make sure you wash them thoroughly.

Egg rolls

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Egg rolls are known to be an Indian dish, but it was originally served in Chinese restaurants as appetizers. While one is maintaining social distancing it is essential to keep our meals light. Egg rolls are filled with pork and veggies and are also stir-fried.


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Wonton is also an appetizer that can be considered as a healthy Chinese dish. Wonton is generally fried but it can also be steamed and eaten with wonton soup. Wonton soup is prepared using corn starch or chicken stock. For a vegetarian wonton soup, you can replace the chicken stock with vegetable stock.

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