Ramphal Benefits That You Can Take Advantage Of This Fruit Season


Here is all you should know about Ramphal and its benefits. You can take advantage of the benefits of this fruit in its upcoming fruit season. Read here to know

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India is a tropical paradise and is home to several kinds of fruits. A few of these fruits are grown the whole year, but a few fruits only grow during a particular season. One such fruit is Ramphal. 'What is Ramphal' is a question many of us don’t know the answer to. Here is all you should know about the fruit. Also, learn about the Ramphal benefits for the human body here.

What is Ramphal?

Ramphal is a seasonal fruit which is also known as the as bullock’s heart. It usually grows in the regions of Assam, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and West Bengal. This fruit is the must-have fruit. It belongs to the same family of the Annona just like custard apple (Sitaphal). Unlike Sitaphal, Ramphal is known for its mildly sweet taste and creamy texture. Ramphal benefits humans in many ways with their medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Here are a few Ramphal benefits.

Here are a few Ramphal benefits which you can take advantage of

Ramphal benefits with fighting diabetics. Ramphal has minerals which help reduce the glucose level in the body. Apart from this, it is also said to have anti-cancer properties.

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Getting better immunity is also one of the Ramphal benefits. Ramphal helps fight off any small sickness caused due to seasonal change. It also has Vitamin A which helps increase immunity and Vitamin B which helps to reduce inflammation.  

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Ramphal helps fight frizzy hair, aids the healing of acne marks, and also aids weak joints. The nutrients in the Ramphal are what help it with so many functions. It also had Vitamin C which benefits humans.

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Ramphal benefits also include fighting adult acne. If you are 30 and above and facing acne problem then this fruit will help you bring that glow back. You will need to consume the fruit to gets its benefits.  

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Disclaimer: This data is taken from the Instagram of celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar.

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