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Momos Can Be Made At Home During The COVID-19 Lockdown, Here Is The Recipe

Momos are a very popular North-East Indian dish. It is loved by every Indian and the street style momos are being missed by multiple food lovers.


The COVID-19 lockdown has kept many food lovers away from their favourite dishes and street foods. People are missing the delicious momos that are normally served by the street vendors. But making steamed momos at home is not that difficult. Check out the steps to make momos during this lockdown phase below.

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How to make the delicious street-style momos you're missing, at home

How to make the dough:

Ingredients needed for outer cover are 2 cups of flour, salt and water. The ingredients needed for filling are chopped vegetables such as cabbage, carrots and capsicum, chopped onions, black pepper powder, oil and salt. All of the above-mentioned ingredients are essential for cooking street style momos.

To make the outer layer one must make a dough using the flour and water. A pinch of salt needs to be added to the dough for better taste. The said dough is to set aside for 30 mins.

The filling

To make the inner filling one needs to take a pan and pour oil into it so the chopped vegetables could be fried properly on medium flames. One can also add onions and semi fry them for better taste. Then pepper and salt need to be added to the vegetables once it cools down. Soy sauce and other spices can also be added depending on the taste.

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Shaping the momos

The dough needs to be divided into as many equal parts as possible and then the parts should be made into circles. The dough balls are converted into small tortillas with thin edges and thick centres. Now place one spoon of the filling in the centre of the flattened dough. Then fold the momo and make pleats. This process needs to be repeated with the rest of the dough and fillings. Once the momos are folded and ready then need to be kept under a wet kitchen towel until it is cooked.

Steps for steaming

Take a big container with a broad mouth and place it on the stove to boil water. Grease a pan and arrange the momos in it with proper spacing and keep the container covered by a pan or a large steel plate. Keep a close check on the momos to see if they got steamed enough. Once the outer layer changes colour and does not appear sticky anymore, that means they are done. Yummy momos are ready to be served.

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