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Noboborsho 2020: Delicacies To Cook On The Auspicious Account Of Bengali New Year

Noboborsho 2020: Best recipes to cook during the Bengali New Year have been listed. Read below to know the most delicious Bengali dishes.

noboborsho 2020

According to the Bengali solar calendar, Pohela Boishakh or Bengali New Year marks the first day of Baisakh. People from Bengal and those belonging to the Bengali ethnicity across the country and around the world celebrate this New Year's day which is today, i.e April 14, 2020. There are several traditions which are associated with Pohela Boishakh like spending time with family, cleaning the house and meeting friends. But as people spend time indoors due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, they can indulge in cooking delicacies related to the festival and celebrate it in the comforts of their homes. Below are some of the dishes to cook on Noboborsho-

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Basanti Pulao

Basanti Pulao is one of the staple dishes to cook during Pohela Boishakh. The rice-based dish contains raisins and cashew nuts which allow it to have an extra flavour. To cook the Basanti Pulao, one needs to first boil the desired amount of rice and mix it with turmeric and ghee. Fry some cashew nuts and raisins in a pan with some ghee and cinnamon, cardamom and bay leaves along with ginger-garlic paste. Add the rice to this mix and stir the pan gently for the flavours to come together. Basanti Pulao is ready to serve!

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Aloo Posto

Aloo Posto is a well known Bengali dish which is cooked on several occasions. To cook Aloo Posto, one needs to roast poppy seeds and then grind them. Add green chillies to the ground poppy seeds along with some water to make a paste. Deep-fry potatoes till they turn golden brown, In a pan, add 1 tablespoon of oil and let it heat up. Add cumin seeds, turmeric powder, dried red chillies and ginger-garlic paste to the pan and stir well. Add the fried potatoes to this mix along with some water and let it simmer for 5-6 minutes. Garnish the dish with coriander and serve. 

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Chenna Kheer

Chenna Kheer is one of the easiest and most known Bengali dessert dishes to cook on Noboborsha. For this recipe, one needs grated paneer, milk, cardamom powder, sugar and chopped nuts. Boil milk with grated paneer and stir continuously, add cardamom powder, sugar and chopped nuts to the mixture and stir well for 10 minutes on low flame. Chenna Kheer can be served both hot or cold according to people's preference. 

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