Top Places That Offer The Best Chicken Sandwiches In The City Of Mumbai


Chicken sandwiches are a saviour when hunger strikes. Here is a list of places that offer the best chicken sandwiches in the city of Mumbai. Read on to find out

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Mumbai is considered the busiest city of India. With people rushing to work and working all day, Mumbaikars rely majorly on street food that they can grab quickly and go. The city of Mumbai offers much more than just vada pao and idli vada. Sandwiches are another very popular snack found in every nook and corner of the city. They are such popular demand, that not only street vendors, but fancy places, too, offer great sandwiches. Although there is a wide variety of sandwiches available, the chicken sandwich is the most preferred one. Here is a list of best places in Mumbai where you can sit and devour a good chicken sandwich. Read on to find out about the best places in Mumbai to grab a chicken sandwich from.

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Best places to eat a chicken sandwich from

Candies, Bandra

Candies is among the top places in Mumbai to have breakfast at. They are very famous for their chicken sandwich. In fact, it is one of their most recommended dishes and is very popular among its customers.


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Theobroma, various outlets

Theobroma is a chain in Mumbai famous for its pastries and cakes. The café also serves delicious sandwiches and their chicken sandwich is among the top food items that is loved by people. Food bloggers and cafe reviews always talk about their smoked chicken sandwich and how it is a must-try option.


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Gostana, Bandra

Gostana café is another very popular café at Bandra west. It offers a healthy international menu. The chicken sandwich is one of their specialities and is highly recommended.


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