Travel-friendly Winter Snacks That Will Satiate Hunger Pangs On Your Way


The season of winter is here and the holiday cheer is upon everyone to take a vacation. Here are some options for travel-friendly winter snacks to carry.

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The holiday season is here and it is time for all the suitcases and winter clothes to come out for a vacation. But all the jumping about and adventurous activities or the long journey to the destination is sure to make one hungry and gorge on the street foods or ready-to-eat packaged food. And this means a constant worry over the weight-gain during the holiday season. Here are a few ideas for travel-friendly winter snacks that can not only satiate one’s hunger but also are quite easy to make and carry.

Dried fruits

The list of dried fruits includes raisins, dates, dried blueberries, cashew etc. which serve as a great option for travel-friendly snacks. They are not only easily available but also provide great energy for all the holiday cheer that one is to indulge in. Dried fruits are also known to keep the stomach filled for long periods of time preventing one from overeating.

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Not just dried fruits, but normal fruits are also a good option for travel-friendly winter snacks to carry on a trip. Apples and oranges are a winter fruit which is available in abundance and at a low price. Fruits are also usually sold on the roadside making them easily available on the way too. The high fibre content in these fruits makes them stomach-filling and stop one from overeating. They also contain natural sugar. Fruits do not need to be cooked or prepared to make them a feasible option for travel-friendly snacks.

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Protein bars, granola bars or fruit bars are extremely travel-friendly winter snacks during a trip. Not only healthy, these are also a tasty option. They are filling, easy to carry and found everywhere, even in the roadside stores along the way.

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Nuts and seeds

Pistachio, fox nuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and flax seeds are good options for snacks to carry on a trip. Chia and flax seeds can even be had with yoghurt which is easily available while travelling. Nuts and seeds are easily available anywhere are known to keep the hunger pangs away.

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Hard-boiled eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are a great option to carry during travel. They make up for 25% of an adult’s daily protein needs along with calcium and iron. Hard-boiled eggs are easy to peel off and also serve as a great energy-booster perfect as a travel snack.

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