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Unusual Cake Designs That You Would Not Believe Are Actually Cakes

Here are some of the unusual cake designs that actually do not look like cakes at first glance. Read more to check out hyper-realistic cake decoration ideas.

unusual cake designs

Cakes are one of the tastiest desserts that are generally liked by everyone. There are many unusual cake designs that do not look like cakes but are actually hyper-realistic cakes. The art of making creative cakes has been a trend. There are some cakes that are shaped like objects and also some cakes shaped like a camera. Take a look at some of the images of unusual cake designs.

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Unusual cake designs

Camera Cake

This is a cake in the shape of a Cannon camera. It is a hyper-realistic cake which is black in colour.


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Luggage Cake

This is a luggage cake that was made for a United Airlines event. This is one of the unusual cake designs. The cake is light brown in colour and can definitely fool someone with its realistic design.


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Beer Bucket

The cake is silver in colour and it has two beer bottles in it. The realistic design of the cake showcases the painstaking effort and detailing that must have gone to make this cake look they way it does.


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Polo Shirt

This a peach colour polo designed shirt cake. At first glance, it looks like a real t-shirt. There is also a video of the same Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt Cake.


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Boxing Gloves

The boxing glove cake is red in colour and it has number 12 written on it in black. It is a chocolate cake that is designed in the shape of a boxing glove. This cake is also one of the unusual cake designs.


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