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After Banana Bread, Netizens Go Crazy Trying Their Hands At 'froggy' Bread

For those already bored of the banana bread trend, here's a new one making the rounds called froggy bread. Read on to know more about this latest baking trend.


The Coronavirus lockdown has seen a rise in viral baking trends. After Dalgona coffee, banana bread and pancake cereals, froggy bread seems to be the new dish to try out. It has currently taken the social media by storm as people are trying their hands at this new recipe which involves baking bread in the shape of a frog. The viral trend of froggy bread seems to have started after manyTikTok users posted pictures and videos of it. 

A Twitter user shared a picture of her froggy bread which she apparently derived from a 2005 blog post by the name, The Fresh Loaf. Since then, the post seems to have turned into a viral thread with many people posting pictures and videos of their version of it. There is no special recipe to this dish and everyone seems to tweak their own bread recipes and trying to shape it like a frog. 


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However, a renowned pastry chef Margaret Gutierrez shared her recipe for the froggy bread online. She calls her creation "frogcaccia". The recipe needs at least 12 hours prep time so one needs to start one day before.

Recipe to create one's very own viral froggy bread

For starters, the ingredients one needs for the froggy bread are 112 grams of flour, 87 grams of water and one gram of yeast. Mix it well and make a dough. Store it in a warm place and let it develop for at least 12 hours. For the next step, the ingredients one needs are 287 grams of flour, 200 grams of water, one gram of yeast, seven grams of salt and 15 grams of olive oil. The procedure goes as follows:

  • Combine all the ingredients along with the dough made from the previous night
  • Knead until it smooth and forms a sourdough
  • Let it rest for it to double in size
  • Punch the dough and stretch it onto a baking sheet
  • Shape the dough into a frog by cutting legs and eyes. One can also add ingredients like olives or dates or even berries for the eye of the frog
  • Brush the frog-shaped dough with olive oil and sprinkle it with sea salt. Be sure to keep a check on the amount of sea salt since the dough itself has salt in it
  • Let it rest for another 30 minutes allowing to rise some more
  • Bake for 20 minutes at 200 degrees Celcius

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