Pigeon Pose For Beginners: How To Do This Pose Like Malaika Arora


Malaika Arora recently uploaded a pigeon pose for beginners from her official Instagram handle motivating her fans for fitness. Take a look at the pose benefits

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pigeon pose for beginners

The number 45 is probably just a number for Bollywood diva Malaika Arora, who looks no more than her 20s even at the age where women start getting health issues. Malaika Arora is one of the Bollywood celebs who has always advocated fitness and is an ardent follower of yoga as well. She has curated a yoga studio for all her yoga enthusiasts in Mumbai as well. Take a look at her recent pigeon pose that went viral as soon as she shared on her Instagram profile. 


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How to ace the pigeon pose like Malaika Arora

Malaika Arora showed the Modified Reclined Pigeon Pose in her Instagram post and here are the steps to ace the pigeon pose like her. 

  • Start with laying on the mat, facing the sky with your knees bent and thighs parallel at hip-distance apart.
  • Cross your left ankle over the right thigh. During this flex your front foot by pulling your toes back. 
  • Now pull your right knee towards your chest while threading your left arm between the legs and clasp your hands. 
  • Straighten the right leg and bring your head up towards the left shin. 
  • Now switch legs and do the same process. 

Pigeon Pose for Beginners: Know the benefits

  • Pigeon Pose is known to improve flexibility and blood flow throughout the body. 
  • Can help open the hips and lead to a decrease in back pain. 
  • Pigeon Pose can help your knees and make it more effortlessly flexible and help in ease of mobility as well. 
  • You get flexion and extension of knees and hips through the pigeon pose for beginners. 

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Variations of the Pigeon pose for beginners

Although Malaika Arora showed her version of modified reclined pigeon pose. Here are some more variations of the classic pigeon yoga pose. One is the reclined Pigeon which helps to stretch the hip and is safe to practice even for the beginners. It is helpful when you have low back pain, the pose helps you alleviate the pain. the other variations include Upright Pigeon with the Back Knee Bent, Pigeon with a Forehead Perch, Pigeon with a Hip Perch and Standing Pigeon Pose.

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