Health Tips That Will Help You Avoid Feeling Burn-out When Traveling For Work


Travelling for work generally has an impact on our body and may lead to exhaustion. Hence, it's necessary that we know a few health tips to tackle the problem.

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Being on the road especially when travelling for work can be gruelling as it puts you away from your regular routine. People who usually tend to travel for business purposes are commonly faced with may inconveniences which may be a delay in flight or lost luggage. And while it's known that a majority of business travellers feel that their road time wears on their mental health, here are a few health tips that you can employ to minimise the stress that comes from business travel:

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Practice Good Habits

The good habits that are practised at homes for our mental and physical wellbeing also go for when you are on the go. It means that you need to keep moving as much as you can. This could be taking a small walk around the place that you’re in or doing a few stretches. While it may be a bit difficult when travelling, it is suggested that you do your best to limit the intake of alcohol, fried foods, and sugar-laden desserts.

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Insomnia is one of the key symptoms of burnout. When you do not sleep enough, your brain may have a hard time functioning at its peak. To the extent possible, it is best that you stick to your regular sleep schedule and be consistent with your bedtimes and wake-up times. It could be a challenging task, especially when travelling across different time zones, but feeling rested will certainly make a difference in your mood and overall outlook. According to a study by NexTravel, it was revealed that almost 47% of business travellers do not get enough sleep when travelling for work. This is one of the best health tips that everyone needs to follow.

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If you spend time with people outside of your family and work, it helps give you some much-needed emotional fulfilment. It is best that you interact and socialise with everyone that you meet on your work journey. One may also try scheduling regular social activities which could be a brunch or a fun night out, to keep yourself engaged and active.

Indulge in 'bleisure'

For those unaware, bleisure simply involves blending your business travel and leisure travel into one trip which will only make your business trip more enjoyable. This may involve exploring the area that you’re visiting. Again, this may seem challenging especially if you’re scheduled down to the minute, but as long as you have some time to spare, make it a point to check out a local cafe or any fun activities around the area to add a bit of adventure to your life, which is only good for your physical and mental health.

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