Décor Ideas For Kids' Room To Elevate Space And Add Personal Touch


Given below are children's room décor ideas to design a spacious and beautiful space. Here are five ideas that will help you design, by adding a personal touch.

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children's room décor ideas

When designing the children's room, parents have a plethora of prerequisites. While some want a space that is better organised and less clumsy, the others want to facilitate the room with free space to nurture hobbies and to hover around with friends. These prerequisites for children's rooms dominate the aesthetic and decor of the children's bedroom. Here are a few ideas with which you can elevate your kid's room and add a personal touch to their room. 

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Five ideas to decorate your children's bedroom

  • When designing the shelves and racks of your child's bedroom, make a note to keep things at their height. Closet storage, benches and coat racks will all be used more often if kids can get to them easily. This will also help them clean their mess on their own. 
  • Although sleeping under the stars seems like a distant dream, one can try painting stars and moon on one's child's ceiling, with a paint that glows in the dark. This will get them excited about turning out the lights at night.

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  • You can create an art centre inside your child's bedroom by affixing a blackboard on of the accent walls of the room. This will help in nurturing your child's creativity, who without hesitance can draw and write as much as they want. Try buying colourful chalks of their choice. 
  • Kids are known to be collectors. There is an innovative way to make their collecting easy. Try hanging them from strings in front of a window or clipping them to a string along the wall to create an interactive border in a room.

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  • Be sure to include multiple kinds of lighting in a kid's room, as it adds character to the room. Overall lighting is a necessity but so is a reading light. It may even help them find the bathroom in the middle of the night.

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