Pink Is The New Black When It Comes To Sprucing Up Your Home Decor


Pink is a colour that appeases all minds, be it of an old generation or new. Read ahead to how to include it in your home decor to make it look bright & airy

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Pink is a colour that appeases all minds, be it of an old generation or new. Even though pink is considered to be a feminine colour since ages now, different shades of pink is quite apt for beautiful home décor. Read ahead to know more-

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Think pink when it comes to home décor

Benefits of pink

A blush of pink or a dark shade of pink, everything looks good. Pink is a brighter and lighter shade of red. The pink shade is not as bold as red or as matt and dull as other light shade colours. It has the right amount of warmth, and at the same time, is also good for the eyes too. Though some people feel that pink is a colour for the old, this is certainly not true. Pink can be a feminine colour when light and a masculine colour when dark. Pink can even complement a number of colours together. It is a great combination to be mixed and matched with grey. Pink is well complemented with various prints and patterns. Pink is elegant as well as modern colour.

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Pink is a soothing colour when it comes to home decor. It is one of the best colours for a girl’s room as well as a newly married couple’s room. It makes the room look bright, airy and bigger in size. The worthiness of pink cannot be underestimated when it comes to painting your home. 

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Pink on walls and accessories

Pink can be used on the walls of the rooms, on rugs, curtains, and furniture fittings as well. The pink colour is well fit for the walls of rooms like the bedroom, bathroom and living room. Trying pink accessories for the room is also a good idea. For example, a pink vase mixed and matched with red roses is a brilliant complement for your room. If the walls of the room are light pink, matched along with a red sofa, pink furniture accessories or if your bedroom has all the right shades and hues of pink, then nothing is more like it. Try using different shades of pink to complement the rooms of your house.

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