How To Choose A Life Partner: Know Who Is 'the One' For You With These Questions


How to choose a life partner is a difficult question to answer. There is a list of questions that you may ask yourself and analyse your partner by. Read on.

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how to choose life partner

The movies and romantic novels often tell us that there is only one true love. Finding out if the person you are with is ‘the one’ can be a difficult thing. While there are many parameters to consider, a few of them are listed below. These questions aren’t concrete and may differ from person to person.

Author Stephan Hussey feels that there is no one person that is meant to be. There are different kinds of love, each a little different than the other. However, he spoke about how to find out of the person you are with is ‘the one’. Check out what he said.

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How to choose a life partner?

In the video, Stephan Hussey mentions that the questions to ask might seem absurd. However, they are very necessary for a relationship. The question one must ask is as follows.

How difficult or easy is it to get what you need in the relationship?

Couples need to understand that the needs of one person in the relationship can be different from the other. it is very important to not only respect but also celebrate this difference. However, the difference cannot be poles apart from each other, in such cases it becomes difficult to keep the relationship in a healthy state.

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How compatible are your lifestyles?

The best way to understand the compatibility of your lifestyles is to know what the other person likes to do in their free time. It isn’t necessary that you like to do the same things all the time, however, your interests should match sometimes. Having a compatible lifestyle ensures that you won’t have to make too many compromises.

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Are you physically attracted to your partner?

According to the author, physical attraction is important in every relationship. The initial click is very important in any relationship, especially if it is a long term one. This spark is either present in your relationship from the beginning or it is completely missing.

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