Botanical Gardens To Visit In And Around Indiranagar When In Bengaluru


The city of Bangalore is home to a varied range of botanical gardens spread across the city. Here are some of the gardens that you should definitely visit.

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Botanical gardens

Just like a lot of metropolitan cities, Bangalore has its own share of beautiful greenery. It is home to a range of beautiful botanical gardens spread across the city. Spread across beautiful landscapes includes lakes and hills, some of these gardens also house temples and have over thousands of different types of plant species including different cacti. Some of these gardens are a haven to trees that are more than a hundred years old and some of them even date back to 3000 million years. Here are a few botanical gardens in and around Indiranagar to definitely visit when in Bangalore.

Botanical Gardens to visit in Indiranagar, Bengaluru 

Lalbaug Botanical Garden

The Lalbaug Botanical Garden is an old botanical garden set in Bangalore. It was first laid out during the rule of Hyder Ali and was later adorned with beautiful plant species by his son, Tipu Sultan. it was managed by multiple British Superintendents before Indian Independence. The garden closes at 6 pm daily and is currently managed by the Department of Horticulture. It also hosts flower shows and has over 1,000 species of plants. The Lalbagh Rock, one of the most ancient rock formations on earth, dating back to 3,000 million years, is another attraction that attracts the crowds. 

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Kay Vishus Bonsais

Kay Vishus Bonsai is definitely a place to visit for Bonsai lovers. This is the perfect place to see and learns about bonsais and if one really likes it, they can even buy one. The place is owned by a lovely couple who love bonsais and have beautifully arranged them in different patterns and styles. 

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Dhanuantari Botanicals

Dhanautari Botanicals is another botanical garden based in Bangalore. It is a pretty place located on a rocky hill and is well maintained. Home to a variety of species, the garden also has a temple in it and closes at 8:30 pm. 

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