Russia: 5 Most Offbeat Russian Dishes That You Must Try


Russia offers several unique delicacies. If you have been wondering what to eat in Russia, then here are some of the offbeat things you must try out.

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Russia may not be the first place that comes to your mind when you think about food destinations, but the country has plenty of mouth-watering delicacies to offer. You may be surprised by the variety and flavours Russia has to offer. The most classical Russian recipes are prepared from soups, porridges and stuffed dough. If you are a world trotter and love to try offbeat and cool cuisine from across the globe, then here are some of the most favourite dishes in Russia:


If you are thinking about what to eat in Russia, then hog on Kholodets. A meat dish covered and layered with jelly, it will bring down your memories from childhood. It is known to be one of the most tricky dishes to try for. You must eat this cuisine when in Russia. Every region is known to make different varieties of the dish, so if you develop a taste for this recipe, then the variety is endless.


This can be a sweet or a savoury dish, based on the preparation of the recipe. They are tiny dumplings which you can have as a starter or as a dessert. Loaded with fruits or savoury items, this is prepared by boiling in hot water and later topped with butter and sugar. They are also topped with sauteed onions and sour cream for giving a savoury taste.

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If you still wonder what to eat in Russia, then try Kisel. If you have never tried soups for desserts and want something unusual, then try this amazing dish from Russia. Prepared by mixing together fruit puree with potato starch, the soup makes it interesting and strange to try for desserts. You can flavour the dish with coffee, almonds, nuts and chocolates of your choice. 

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Another soup that adds to the list of 'what to eat in Russia' is Okroshka. It is prepared by mixing together cucumbers, radishes, onions, meat and eggs. Then, it is mixed with a mildly alcoholic concoction that is made from fermented bread. This dish is specially prepared to bear the cold temperature in Russia, especially the Siberian winter.

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Last on the list of 'what to eat in Russia' that is something strange is Salo. This is known to be one of the strangest dishes across the globe. The consistency of the dish is a lot similar to Lard. It is taken directly from the pig and cured heavily before being eaten raw or fried up and eaten with bread. If you have a taste for strange things then go for this dish from Russia.

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