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Ben Simmons' Sister Calls 'weird' Kardashians 'trash' After Kanye West's Twitter Meltdown

Ben Simmons' sister Olivia Simmons recently spoke up against Kim Kardashian after Kanye West's Twitter meltdown, stating that the Kardashians are weird.

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Kanye West recently went on a now-deleted Twitter rant, where he tweeted vague tweets about his wife Kim Kardashian and mother-in-law Kris Jenner. West's meltdown gained a lot of attention online, as he shared odd tweets about the Kardashian flying in doctors to lock him up. Kim Kardashian posted an Instagram story regarding the matter, speaking about her husband having bipolar disorder and they needed media and fans to give them some privacy.

NBA star Ben Simmons' sister, Olivia Simmons, recently tweeted about Kanye West's Twitter rant, calling out the Kardashians for being weird. Simmons used to date Kendall Jenner and has been spotted spending time with her over the past few months. 

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Ben Simmons sister calls out Kim Kardashian after Kanye West Twitter meltdown

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Olivia began her Twitter thread by referring to the Kardashians as 'Kartrashians', accusing the family of not caring about mental health. She added that the has seen it with her own eyes, and everyone else is also seeing it now. As per Olivia, they verbally abuse and gaslight men and 'completely hinder them'. She asked everyone to pray for West, as he needs everyone.

In a separate tweet, she added that the Kardashian's like their men 'black, successful and quiet' as she called all of them 'weird'. She went on to talk about Simmons' ex-girlfriend Tinashe, who was previously accused of stalking the Philadelphia 76ers point guard when he was dating Kendall Jenner. Olivia added that Tinashe was sweet and genuine and the sisters lied about the whole situation. 

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Kim on Kanye West's series of tweets

While talking about West's tweet, she posted a series of Instagram stories where she spoke up on mental health and how it previously has affected their lives. She requested everyone to understand how West was feeling and added that she is protective over his mental health and their right to privacy. She explained the "pressures of being an artist and a black man, who experienced the painful loss of his mother, has to deal with the pressure and isolation that is heightened by his bi-polar disorder." Olivia ended her statement by asking the media and everyone else to grant them some 'compassion and empathy' to help overcome the situation. 

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