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Bronny James Trends After Being Seen With Alleged Girlfriend, Fans React On Twitter

LeBron James' son Bronny James trended on Twitter after fans shared a video of him featuring on a young girl's TikTok, who people thought was his girlfriend.

Bronny James

For the past few months, LeBron James' eldest son Bronny has gained a lot of popularity on social media platforms like Twitter, Twitch, TikTok and Instagram. While the 15-year-old is considered a basketball prodigy, he is also known for his live streams on Twitch. This week, Bronny James trended on Twitter for some time after one of his TikTok videos was shared online. 

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Twitter users on alleged Bronny James girlfriend 

Some users recently shared a video of Bronny James in someone else's TikTok video. In the video shared, Bronny sits on a chair while the girl – who is TikTok star Peyton – moves his head to the music. While basketball fans who shared the video were mostly unaware of Peyton, many questioned why are people interested in a 15-year-old's love life. Peyton boasts 238,000 followers on Instagram, while Bronny James has around 5.5 million followers. This is the first time Bronny has featured on Peyton's TikTok, due to which people contemplated if the two are currently dating. Peyton has over a million followers on TikTok and is a member of The Vault House.

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"15 year old Bronny James is trending because he did a TikTok with a white girl? Dafuq is wrong with y'all??" wrote one user, asking everyone speaking about the matter to grow up. "Bronny James is a 15 year old. Leave him alone you weirdos," said another user, unhappy with the unnecessary hate comments Bronny was receiving. Others made comments about the young basketball star dating a white girl. "Not Bronny dating a white girl," wrote one user, while another spoke about there being a white member in LeBron James' family. 

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Currently, Bronny is studying at the Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles, where he won the CIF Southern Section Division Championship in February. James, and their family, was cheering for Bronny from courtside and even shared moments of the game on Instagram. In June, ESPN ranked Bronnny 24th in the 2023 Draft Rankings. He recently joined esports company FaZe Clan and streams games on Twitch regularly, where he has over 360,000 followers. 

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