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Dwyane Wade Reveals LeBron James Once Won $50,000 During Team Gambling Session

Former Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade revealed a story about the time LeBron James stunned everyone to win $50,000 during a gambling session on the team plane.

Dwyane Wade

Former NBA star Dwyane Wade's history with gambling is well known and documented. The Miami Heat legend has been extremely vocal about the gambling problems he faced during the early phase of his career and how he overcame it with the help of his financial advisor. During a recent interview session, Wade once again opened up on his gambling adventures but revealed a story about his former teammate LeBron James as well this time.

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LeBron James gambling story: Dwyane Wade reveals 'crazy' Heat plane incident

Dwyane Wade joined the Bleacher Report for a session of Ask Me Anything (AMA) where he answered several questions about ranging from being NBA G.O.A.T to many other career experiences. Opening up on one of his team gambling experiences, Wade revealed the time he played with his Miami Heat teammates during one of their flight trips. As quoted by the Bleacher Report, Dwyane Wade said, "We did a lot of gambling. I don't know what people think are good gambling stories about losing money. The most memorable was Mario Chalmers. We played this game called Booray. You can put a ghost in the game and the ghost fades the pot."

Wade further revealed that during the course of the entire game, Chalmers was winning while LeBron James was designated as the ghost. Explaining the twist of a tale in the story, Wade said LeBron James 'flipped over' the last hand, which resulted in Chalmers losing out from an almost winning scenario. 

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LeBron James gambling story: How LeBron won $50,000 in one go

Dwyane Wade said LeBron James' last move saw Chalmers lose around $50,000 which was a 'crazy' moment for everyone on the plane. Describing it as a 'dramatic' incident, Wade told Bleacher Report everyone ran up and down the plane and yelling "there's no way you're gonna lose to the ghost being up as big as he was when the game started."

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During the AMA session, Dwyane Wade also opened up on his friendship with LeBron James as he opened up of their respective NBA careers, having been drafted in the same year, 2003. Wade said playing with LeBron was one of the highlights of his career as the were instrumental in bringing success to Miami Heat.

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade played at Miami Heat between 2010 and 2014 where the former won his first two NBA championships in 2012 and 2013. Wade retired from the NBA in 2019 while James continues to play at the top level with the LA Lakers.

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