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Karl Malone Refused To Pay $125 Weekly For Child Support Despite $104 Million NBA Earnings

Utah Jazz legend Karl Malone, who earned over $100 million during his NBA career, refused to pay a $125 per week child support for his now-estranged son.

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Retired NBA player Karl Malone was known for dominating the court while playing for the Utah Jazz and the infamous Gloria Williams scandal. Gloria Williams and Karl Malone had a son together when Williams was 13, after which Malone refused to pay for child support. The 'Karl Malone 13 year old Williams relationship' topic was discussed recently after Malone was featured in Michael Jordan's The Last Dance. Many people discussed the Karl Malone 13 year old Williams' situation along with how the Jazz legend refused to pay child support despite earning over $100 million while playing in the NBA. 

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Gloria Williams and Karl Malone: Karl Malone refuses child support for his now-estranged son Demetrese Bell

Gloria Williams and Karl Malone met when Williams was a sophomore at Louisiana Tech University. He impregnated her, after which their son Demetrese Bell was born. While the Karl Malone rape charges were avoided, Bell's grandparents took the Jazz star to court and asked him to pay $200 per week for child support. Malone, who made $104 million during his NBA career, refused to pay a small weekly sum.

As per an ESPN report, Malone was confirmed to be the child's biological father after a paternity test. Malone had initially refused to respond to Bell's grandparents' lawsuit and later refused to pay $125 per week, which the court ordered him to do. Malone and the Bells reportedly settled the case outside the court for an undisclosed sum between 1988 and 1989. 

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How were the Karl Malone rape charges avoided?

As per multiple reports, the Karl Malone rape charges were avoided as the family settled the case outside the court. The Root’s senior editor Stephen Crockett tweeted about the situation, reminding everyone of the Gloria Williams and Karl Malone story. Their son Demetrese Bell grew up without any relationship with Malone.

Bell played in the NFL for five seasons, where he reportedly earned $5.7 million. As per reports, both of them met when Bell was 17. Malone apparently told his son that it too late for him to be his father now. 

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