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Guess The Indian Cricket Player Names Answers: Solutions To The Famous WhatsApp Puzzle

‘Guess the Indian cricket player names' is a popular fun and interactive WhatsApp puzzle for Indian cricket lovers that is being forwarded on social media.

guess the indian cricket player names

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has single-handedly halted worldwide cricketing activities with all immediate international affairs and league competitions either being put on hold or cancelled altogether. Even the much-awaited Indian Premier League (IPL 2020) season was recently postponed on account of the nationwide lockdown. As cricket fans across the nation continue to spend their quarantine without any live cricket coverage for entertainment, the enthusiasts of the game are finding new ways of engaging themselves. While some are watching highlights of classic cricketing encounters, others are resorting to playing indoor cricket in the meantime. Similarly, people are also sharing various cricket-based quizzes and puzzles on social media platforms like WhatsApp which poses a fun challenge towards those who claim to be die-hard fans of the game. Among such quizzes, ‘Guess the Indian cricket player names’ is one that is currently circulating on social media. 

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Indian cricket player WhatsApp puzzle: Guess the Indian cricket player names

With the lockdown in effect, the ‘Guess the Indian cricket player names’ puzzle could turn out to be a fun way to interact with friends and fellow followers of the game. The puzzle poses an interesting challenge towards those who claim to be big supporters of Indian cricket. In the ‘Guess the Indian cricket player names’ puzzle, social media users are asked to identify the names of Indian cricketers by merely looking at WhatsApp emojis. The WhatsApp emojis here provide subtle hints about the identity of certain cricket players, thus making it fun and entertaining to decode.

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Indian cricket player WhatsApp puzzle: ‘Guess the Indian cricket player names’ from below emojis


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‘Guess the Indian cricket player names’: Answers to Indian cricketers name quiz

1.       Sachin Tendulkar

2.       Dinesh Karthik

3.       Rohit Sharma

4.       Mahendra Singh Dhoni

5.       Yuvraj Singh

6.       Ravindra Jadeja

7.       Virat Kohli

8.       Suresh Raina

9.       Kapil Dev

10.     Ravichandran Ashwin

11.     Vinay Kumar

12.     Bhuvneshwar Kumar

13.     Murali Vijay

14.     Shikhar Dhawan

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