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Tim Paine Asserts Australian Cricketers Ready To Face Pay Cuts Like Other Sportspersons

Tim Paine said that there were bigger issues going on around the world at the moment than how much our sportsmen were going to get paid.

Tim Paine

The wrath of the coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. More than 6,00,000 people have been affected globally with the virus claiming more than 30,000 lives. The coronavirus outbreak has forced people to stay indoors in order to avoid falling prey to it.

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Tim Paine says there are bigger issues than how much sportsmen are going to get paid

Sporting activities have come to a halt which has resulted in losses for their respective boards. Many sports stars all over the world are likely to witness pay cuts. Now, in a recent development, Australia captain Tim Paine said that Australian cricketers might have to accept a pay cut as well due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tim Paine added that making financial sacrifices was a small thing in the current situation and they are prepared to do their bit.

Cricket Australia have delayed annual contracts for both the men’s and women’s national teams. The decision was taken as a measure to prepare for the possibility of a severely-affected home summer due to the coronavirus outbreak. Therefore, a pay cut for Australian cricketers seems a huge possibility.

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While talking to a leading sports publication, Tim Paine said that the discussion regarding the pay cut will start happening in the next week or so. Tim Paine added that if cricket suffers from the current fate football and other sports are facing, then Australian cricketers will certainly have to do their bit to make sure the game survives and remains really healthy for years to come. Tim Paine further said that if it comes to that, he is sure that is something that the players will look at. Tim Paine went on to say that there are bigger issues going on around the world at the moment than how much our sportsmen are going to get paid. 

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Tim Paine gets robbed amidst coronavirus crisis

Tim Paine planned to turn his garage into a gym to train amidst the coronavirus crisis. Tim Paine's plan backfired and led to his car being robbed outside his home in Hobart. It had just been one day since Tim Paine shifted his garage into a gym before he had to reconsider his decision of parking his car on the street. Tim Paine revealed that he checked his car after receiving a message from the NAB and found out that his wallet and a few other things were robbed. Tim Paine also joked that the robbers went straight to Maccas to grab a bite after stealing his wallet.

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