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TKSS: Mohammed Kaif Recalls The Time When He Successfully 'humiliated' Shoaib Akhtar

In the Kapil Sharma Show, Mohammad Kaif recalled an incident when he successfully planned to humiliate Shoaib Akhtar during India vs Pakistan match

India vs Pakistan

Image: @MohammadKaif/@shoaibakhtar100mph/Twitter

Team India's former cricketer Mohammad Kaif and Virender Sehwag will be seen as a guest at the Kapil Sharma Show on Saturday in cricketers special episode. In the Kapil Sharma Show, Mohammad Kaif recalled an incident when he was facing Shoaib Akhtar in India vs Pakistan match and planned to intentionally humiliate him during the live match. 

Virender Sehwag and Mohammad Kaif were sharing various anecdotes involving India vs Pakistan. During that, host Kapil Sharma asked Mohammad Kaif about a particular incident when he tried to walk forward when Shoaib Akhtar was about to deliver his ball. 

Mohammad Kaif shares how he humiliated Shoaib Akhtar

Sharing what actually happened, Mohammad Kaif said, "Thodi mujhe unki beizzati karni thi (I wanted to humiliate him a little)."

"Kyunki woh naamcheen gendbaaz, unka run-up itna lamba. Sehwag ne toh bohot chakke maare, hume mauka kum mila khelne ka. Woh jab aaye, main bhi walk kar gaya. Bowling unhone kari nahi, rok di (He is a famous bowler with such a long run-up. Sehwag got a chance to hit a lot of sixes but I did not get a chance to bat as much, as I was lower in the batting order. So when Akhtar came towards me, I walked too. He did not end up bowling that ball to me),” Kaif added.

"That was his only intention", said Kaif adding “Main aage jaaunga, yeh banda ruk jayega, bowling karega nahi. Wohi mera plan tha, kaamyaab hua, ki inki zara beizzati karta hoon Pakistan mein jaake (I thought I would go a few steps ahead, he won’t bowl to me. That was my plan, to go to Pakistan and humiliate him, and it succeeded)."

Mohammad Kaif and Shoaib Akhtar's Twitter banter

Earlier, in 2020, Mohammad Kaif and Shoaib Akhtar got involved in a Twitter banter when the Indian cricketer posted a video in which his son Kabir was seen suggesting to his dad that it is easy to face Shoaib Akhtar because he bowls fast and when the batsman hits it, it goes quickly to the fence. Following that, Akhtar responded to Kaif's video and challenged the cricketer for a match between their sons. 

(Image: @MohammadKaif/@shoaibakhtar100mph/Twitter)

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