Astros Owner Jim Crane, Players Alex Bregman And Jose Altuve Apologize For Sign-stealing

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Houston Astros owner Jim Crane, manager Dusty Baker and players Alex Bregman and Jose Altuve issued an apology for their scandal. Read on for their statements.

Written By Sujay Chakraborty | Mumbai | Updated On:

Houston Astros owner Jim Crane, new manager Dusty Baker and players Alex Bregman and Jose Altuve issued an apology for their sign-stealing scandal on Thursday. Crane had previously noted that his side would issue an official apology once the offseason begins. Astros batter Carlos Correa noted during the press conference that the team got together and discussed their next action before issuing an official apology.

Jim Crane issued the apology on behalf of the Astros officials stating such a scandal will not be repeated under his tenure. While MLB's investigation noted that the scandal was a 'player-driven scheme', Crane defended his players saying his squad did not receive proper guidance from their leaders.

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Alex Bregman and Jose Altuve issue apology

Alex Bregman and Jose Altuve each issued a statement but opted against taking any questions at the press conference. Alex Bregman apologised for the choices made by the player and the organisation. Bregman added that the team has learnt from their mistakes and will try to regain the trust of baseball fans.

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Jose Altuve expressed his remorse for Astros' actions as the controversy brought a lot of negative attention to MLB as a whole. The veteran outfielder further stated the team's desire to bring back the World Series title back to Houston, doing it the right way.

How did the Astros cheat? Sign-stealing scandal explained

Multiple reports in late-2019 stated that Astros used a camera positioned in the centre field to steal signs during their World Series-winning campaign in 2017. MLB's investigation revealed that Astros developed a player-driven system using illegal electronics to decode signs during the game. 

MLB handed a $5 million fine to Houston Astros while handing suspensions to former Astros GM Jeff Luhnow, manager A.J. Hinch and assistant GM Brandon Taubman. 

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