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Lance Armstrong's Ex-fiancee Sheryl Crow Knew About His Doping And Informed Authorities

Lance Armstrong's former fiancee Sheryl Crow was prepared to testify against the defamed cyclist as she knew of his doping before it became public.

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Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong may not be together since the last 14 years but Lance Armstrong's latest documentary was bound to shed some light upon the time the two were engaged. Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong met in 2003 at a charity event and the two got engaged in 2005 before a split early in 2006 grabbed headlines. However, according to reports, Sheryl Crow knew about the Lance Armstrong doping story before it became public and had informed authorities about Armstrong's usage of performance-enhancing drugs. 

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Lance Armstrong doping: Sheryl Crow informed authorities

According to reports from The Wall Street Journal, Sheryl Crow had witnessed Lance Armstrong doping in 2004 when the two-time Tour de France champion received an illicit blood transfusion on a flight to Belgium. In fact, reports claimed that Lance Armstrong had informed Sheryl Crow about his using of EPO and had trusted the musician to remain discreet with his secret. Lance Armstrong had reportedly told Sheryl Crow that the doping was all part of the sport.

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Crow was in a relationship with Armstrong during the time he won a few Tour de France titles towards the back end of his career. However, six years after their breakup, the musician was constantly asked about whether she knew of Lance Armstrong doping at the time they were together. Although Sheryl has remained coy about her relationship with Lance, reports state that the 58-year-old rockstar had in fact, accepted an agreement from the Food and Drug Admission that would protect her as a witness from criminal prosecution.

Although the criminal case against Lance Armstrong was dropped, the 48-year-old ended up losing a reported $75 million and had to return all of his medals he won after 1998, including the seven Tour de France titles that he won in a row. 

Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong engagement: Was Sheryl Crow Lance Armstrong wife?

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Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong got together soon after the defamed cyclist broke up with ex-wife Kristin Armstrong in 2003. Although Crown and Armstrong were together for nearly three years and were engaged for five months, the pair called off their wedding early in 2006. In his book Lance, Armstrong opened up on the tensions in his relationship with Sheryl.

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The disgraced cyclist revealed that Sheryl wanted kids at the time while he wasn't ready. Armstrong already had three kids with ex-wife Kristin Armstrong. Armstrong is currently engaged to Anna Hansen and the pair have been together for 12 years and have two kids, a son named Max and a daughter named Olivia. 


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