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Renee Gracie Slams Instagram For Deleting Her Photos, Says 'It's Really Getting Old Now'

The Renee Gracie Instagram photos being deleted became a new issue for the 25-year-old former Supercars racer and Gracie has now slammed the social media site.

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The Renee Gracie videos have been much-talked-about on social media after the 25-year-old revealed that she changed careers from a racecar driver to an adult film star. With the Renee Gracie Australia Supercars racing career come to an end, the adult film star has grabbed headlines with her stories of earning a small fortune with the help of social media. However, the Renee Gracie Instagram issue has now become somewhat troublesome for the former racecar driver as the social media platform has been taking down some of Gracie's pictures. 

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Renee Gracie Instagram bashing: Renee Gracie photos deleted

The Renee Gracie Instagram issue news was recently trending on social media after Instagram decided to take down some of the Renee Gracie photos on her account. The Renee Gracie Instagram bashing took place on the social media site itself as the 25-year-old posted another one of her Renee Gracie photos with the caption, 'My photos are getting removed from Instagram and it's really getting old now'. This was not the first occasion that the Renee Gracie Instagram issue arose as the Australian adult film star was visibly frustrated at the social media site for deleting her pictures. Gracie recently got a tattoo near her abdomen region and it became a popular trend among her fans. However, Instagram opted to take down the Renee Gracie photos.

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Renee Gracie Australia racing career: Renee Gracie racer

Before joining the adult film industry, the Renee Gracie Australia Supercars career was making headlines in the country. Gracie became the first full-time racer in Australia’s V8 Supercars Super2 category in over 14 years but the lack of income earned through racing proved to be detrimental to her racing career. Earlier this year, Gracie herself admitted that she lost her passion for racing and Supercars also released a brief statement claiming they would keep away from the 25-year-old after her switch to the adult film industry. 

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Renee Gracie videos: Renee Gracie income

According to reports from The Telegraph, the sale of the Renee Gracie videos and photographs reportedly earn the adult film star a whopping $25,000 a month. In total, Renee Gracie earns a reported $90,650 per month following her change in career into the adult film industry. Gracie said that she plans to use her good looks to make money for as long as she possibly can.

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