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Big Show Remembers WWE Debut With 'Only The Rock Was Good And Kind To Me' Revelation

Big Show added that after his debut all WWE superstars used to ignore him, but Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was the only superstar who was nice to him.

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Adil Khan
Big Show

WWE superstar Big Show recently appeared on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s 'Broken Skull Sessions' where he talked about his WWE and WCW career. When Stone Cold Steve Austin asked Big Show about his early WWE days, the giant revealed that he faced a lot of heat in the locker room. Big Show said that many WWE superstars hated him because he was new in the company and had signed a lucrative contract. He said many believed that WWE signed him because of his size, not his skills.

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Big Show added that even the experienced and then great superstars used to ignore him. However, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was the only superstar who was nice to him. Big Show revealed that he and The Rock used to have small chats, but they were not able to talk like friends. Big Show said The Rock was busy creating a name of himself in the WWE ring and he didn’t want to interfere in The Rock’s business. However, a few years later, he and the Rock became friends when they started working together for a storyline.

“Almost no one spoke to me, let alone the big stars. Only The Rock was good and kind to me, but there was too much tension in the locker room to say we were friends,” said Big Show.

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Big Show’s recent WWE appearance

In January 2020, former WWE champion Big Show made his return and helped Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe defeat the trio of Seth Rollins and The AOP. From the start of the match, Big Show punished the three heels and chokeslammed everyone in his way. Later in the match, the Big Show was seen delivering his special moves to the AOP. As he was about to win, Seth Rollins hit him with a steel chair, causing a disqualification. Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe then came in and punished the heels.

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After the match, the Big Show took to Twitter and praised Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe. He also announced that he will once again team up with the duo for the first-ever ‘Fist-Fight’. Big Show and the team lost the Fist-Fight and the former WWE champion has not been seen in the WWE ring since then. Since then, the Big Show has appeared in many events, but only as a host.

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