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Is Roman Reigns Still In WWE? Why Is Roman Reigns Not Wrestling?

Is Roman Reigns still in WWE? As the company tries to hide traces of Reigns' existence in the company, here's a look at the puzzling situation of the Big Dog.

is roman reigns still in wwe

If everything would have gone according to plan, Roman Reigns could have well been the Universal Champion and led the company into post-WrestleMania 36 season. However, as things stand, Roman Reigns is still on hiatus and instead, WWE is reportedly trying to remove traces of Roman Reigns from the company. Every week after RAW and SmackDown airs, 'Is Roman Reigns still in WWE?' remains one of the most frequently asked questions by fans, which has inadvertently given rise to Roman Reigns released and even Roman Reigns retirement rumours.

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Is Roman Reigns still in WWE? Why is Roman Reigns not wrestling?

The answer till date remains affirmative as the 'Big Dog' is still very much under contract with WWE. Despite his unexpected hiatus due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Reigns is still rated highly by Vince McMahon and will be reportedly welcomed back to the company whenever he decides to return. While Reigns returning to WWE is pretty much confirmed, when he would do so, remains shrouded in mystery, especially considering the United States is still struggling to deal with coronavirus.

WWE promoted Rollins vs Reigns MITB 2016 match on their YouTube channel

Why is Roman Reigns not wrestling? Roman Reigns WrestleMania incident

Roman Reigns dealt a major blow to WWE just a week prior to WrestleMania 36 when he pulled out of his scheduled Universal Championship match against Goldberg. In a much-anticipated 'Spear vs Spear' match, the Big Dog was expected to beat the WWE Hall of Famer and once again establish himself as a main-event competitor. However, the Big Dog backed out citing health concerns and the company were forced to insert Braun Strowman as his replacement. While most of it is known and well-documented, the Roman Reigns released rumours stem directly from WWE's numerous attempts to keep Roman Reigns' name off their television tapings.

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Is Roman Reigns still in WWE? Roman Reigns released rumours

Last month, WWE disappointed a host of fans when they abruptly announced Braun Strowman as Goldberg's opponent for WrestleMania 36 without any explanation for Roman Reigns missing out. This, coupled with reports that the company was doing everything in its power to keep the Big Dog's name off the television, fueled rumours that Reigns could possibly be axed by the WWE.

This week on RAW, WWE even removed Reigns from a WrestleMania 31 highlights package. Hyping up the upcoming Money in the Bank pay-per-view, the footage showed Seth Rollins cashing in to win the WWE Championship. However, instead of showing Rollins pinning Reigns, the screen cut to black. Fans began speculating if Roman Reigns even has a future in the company after WWE's repetitive attempts to avoid using Reigns or his name during their tapings.

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Is Roman Reigns still in WWE or is Roman Reigns released?

Given the uncertain situation all across the globe and in the United States, it is difficult to say if Reigns will be back in the company before their flagship pay-per-view, SummerSlam 2020. Around the uncertainty surrounding Reigns' status in the company, WWE officials may have chosen to skip Reigns all together until he returns to the company as a full-time wrestler. As of now, WWE is yet to acknowledge any of the ongoing rumours.

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