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Bobby Lashley Confronts Drew McIntyre After WWE Champion Pounds King Corbin

Bobby Lashley entered the ring with MVP and told WWE Champion Drew McIntyre that he is coming after the WWE Championship, ending his feud with R-Truth.

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Since Bobby Lashley joined forces with MVP, fans have been witnessing the real power of 'The All Mighty' in the ring. Last week, Bobby Lashley destroyed R-Truth and disobeyed Lana; an incident fans seemed to love. Earlier, there was speculation that WWE is trying to end the long Lana storyline and use Bobby Lashley for championship feuds. This week, the rumours turned true as Bobby Lashley ended his chapter with R-Truth and confronted WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

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Bobby Lashley ends R-Truth chapter

MVP interrupted Bobby Lashley’s backstage interview with Caruso and said that he and Bobby Lashley have to end their partnership because Lashley is too focused on "clowns" like R-Truth and Lana. Bobby Lashley got angry at MVP for calling his wife a clown, but MVP calmed him down. He asked Bobby Lashley whether he would prefer beating weaklings like R-Truth or win the real trophy like the WWE Championship. Bobby Lashley laughed and the two left. Later, Bobby Lashley defeated R-Truth and ended his feud with the former 24/7 Champion.

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Bobby Lashley confronts Drew McIntyre, McIntyre defeats Corbin

Before the main-event match between Drew McIntyre and King Corbin could start, Bobby Lashley entered the ring with MVP and claimed that he is coming after the WWE Championship. The two stood near the entrance as the bell rang and King Corbin attacked the WWE Champion. King Corbin took the match outside as he continued to punish Drew McIntyre. He delivered a big clothesline over the ringside barricade to pin the champion, but Drew McIntyre kicked out at two.

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After returning from the break, King Corbin directed trash-talk towards Drew McIntyre, which sparked a comeback from the champion. Drew McIntyre tried to deliver a Claymore Kick, but Corbin countered with the Deep Six. McIntyre soon recovered and delivered another Claymore Kick which connected and took down Corbin. Drew McIntyre pinned King Corbin and won the match. After the win, Drew McIntyre stared Bobby Lashley down and told him, "I want to fight you." Bobby Lashley walked out to end the segment and the episode.  

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