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Roman Reigns To The Undertaker, WWE Stars Who Saved Their Opponents From Grievous Injuries

Several WWE Superstars like Seth Rollins and The Big Show would have gotten grievously injured during a match, but they were saved by their in-ring opponents.

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Adil Khan
WWE Injuries

While boxers and MMA fighters focus on winning the fight, pro-wrestlers have geared their mindset toward putting on a great show. Though WWE superstars are presented as rivals in the ring, they are often good friends off the screen and work together to deliver the best in sports entertainment. Since they face a considerable amount of pressure to deliver a good performance, there is always a chance of making an error. Such mistakes in the wrestling world have often proved to be costly but on some occasions, a foe has acted on time to save the other from a grievous injury. Here are some of those occasions. 

Superstars who saved their opponents from getting severely Injured

Money in the Bank 2016: Roman Reigns saves Seth Rollins

In 2015, Seth Rollins tore his ACL, MCL, and meniscus while performing a sunset flip from the top rope because of which he was out of WWE for almost a year. However, he returned to the ring in 2016 Extreme Rules where he attacked Roman Reigns and began a new storyline. The two faced each other at Money in the Bank 2016 for the WWE Championship. During the match, Seth Rollins again tried to deliver the same move (sunset flip from the top rope), but somehow he was not able to. As Seth Rollins started to lose his grip on the top ropes, Roman Reigns grabbed Rollins' leg to ensure he wouldn't be injured from the same move for a second time.

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WWE SmackDown 2009: Chris Jericho saves Jeff Hardy

During a SmackDown 2009 episode, Chris Jericho faced Jeff Hardy in a singles match. The match was incredible until Jeff Hardy decided to jump on the top rope to perform the Whisper In The Wind. Things didn’t go according to plan as Jeff Hardy slipped on the ropes and was on the verge of falling backwards on his head. However, Jericho stepped in and pushed Hardy from behind, saving him in the process. The two continued to fight as if nothing transpired.

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WWE SmackDown 2001: The Undertaker saves The Big Show

Just before the WWE Survivor Series PPV, Team Kurt Angle infiltrated WWE SmackDown and attacked Team WWF. During the brawl, The Undertaker was near the corner when he saw Kurt Angle pick up The Big Show to deliver an Angle Slam. He then noticed a chair on the spot Big Show was going to land once the move was executed. The Undertaker moved fast and swept the chair out of the way so that The Big Show could get a safe landing.

WWE RAW 2013: Fandango saves Cody Rhodes

While facing Fandango during a WWE RAW episode, Cody Rhodes climbed up to the top turnbuckle and executed a Moonsault. Though Cody Rhodes jumped perfectly, he was not able to get a good turn in the air and was set to land on his head. However, Fandango jumped into the way and was able to grab Rhodes and turn him around. Fans in the arena started clapping as Fandango was able to save Cody Rhodes from getting severely injured.

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WWE SmackDown 2013: AJ Styles saves James Ellsworth

While facing James Ellsworth, AJ Styles proved why he is one of the best wrestlers in the world. During a SmackDown live match, AJ Styles went on to deliver his finisher to James Ellsworth. As he jumped in the air, AJ Styles noticed that Ellsworth tucked his neck forward instead of backward. If he would have delivered the move, he would have ended up breaking James Ellsworth’s neck. So, AJ Styles changed the plan and executed his move differently which saved James Ellsworth from getting grievously injured.

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