WWE: Seth Rollins To Becky Lynch, 5 Breakout Superstars Of The Decade

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Fans saw hundreds of superstars make their debut in the WWE's main roster, but only few left their mark. Let's take a look at the five breakout WWE superstars.

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With the end of 2019, a decade is also coming to an end. In these past 10 years, fans saw hundreds of superstars make their debut in WWE's main roster, but only a few left their mark. Below are some WWE Superstars who created a lot of buzz and attracted a lot of fans. These superstars are the future of the company and may rule the upcoming decade. 

WWE: 5 breakout superstars of the decade

Seth Rollins: Reign of The Beastslayer

In 2010, Colby Lopez made his NXT debut as Seth Rollins and went on to become the first NXT Champion. In 2012, Seth Rollins made his WWE debut with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns as a part of the group called The Shield. Following the breakup of The Shield, Seth Rollins became a big heal in WWE and went on to fight some legendary WWE superstars. Rollins became a two-time WWE Champion, two-time Universal Champion, two-time Intercontinental Champion and a one-time United States Champion.

He fought WWE legends like John Cena, Sting, Triple H, Randy Orton, CM Punk, and many more. Not only that, he became one of the few wrestlers to defeat The Beast Brock Lesnar. In just a few years, Seth Rollins did so much that no one on the current WWE roster can come close to his achievements.

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Roman Reigns: The Powerhouse

Roman Reigns made his name and showed his real skill after The Shield was demolished in 2014. Since then, Roman Reigns has become a three-time WWE Champion. He is also a one-time United States Champion and a one-time Intercontinental Champion.  After winning the IC Championship, he also became the 28th Triple Crown Champion and the 17th Grand Slam Champion.

Just like his Shield teammate, Roman Reigns has also fought many legendary WWE superstars. He also went on to defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania, a feat which was previously accomplished by only Brock Lesnar. Since his debut, Reigns has headlined numerous WWE PPVs, including four straight WrestleManias. WWE Legends like Stone Cold and Goldberg have also called Roman Reigns the face of WWE.

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Becky Lynch: The Man’s legacy

Becky Lynch had the guts from the start, but her previous avatar didn’t attract a lot of fans. However, when she changed her attitude by dubbing herself as "The Man," she became a fan favourite and attracted a lot of fame. After her arrival on WWE’s main roster in 2016, she became the inaugural SmackDown Women's Champion. In 2018’s Survivor Series, Becky Lynch attacked then champion Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair. This helped her grab more eyeballs.

In January 2019, she won the Women's Royal Rumble match and went on to become the first women in WWE’s history to headline WrestleMania. Becky Lynch defeated both Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair. In doing so, she won the RAW Women's Championship and SmackDown Women's Championship. Lynch is now an overall four-time women's champion in WWE.

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Bray Wyatt: The new face of fear

Windham Rotunda, now known as Bray Wyatt, made his WWE debut in 2011 where he was a part of CM Punk led Nexus. He didn’t receive a lot of cheers. So WWE decided to rebrand him as Bray Wyatt, the villainous cult leader of The Wyatt Family. Since his WWE debut in 2013, Wyatt defeated many known superstars including John Cena, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan. He also became the WWE Champion in 2016.

In mid-2018, Wyatt was once again rebranded. This time, he was introduced as a child entertainer who has a sinister alter ego known as "The Fiend". Since its debut, "The Fiend" has become the new big heal of WWE. He also defeated and attacked many known WWE superstars like Finn Balor, Kurt Angle and Mick Foley. "The Fiend" even became WWE Universal Champion by defeating Seth Rollins.

Charlotte Flair: All hail the Queen

Charlotte Flair wanted to come out of her father’s shadow and make a name for herself. And boy, she was successful. Since her debut in 2013, Charlotte Flair won many titles. In 2014, The Queen became the NXT Women's Champion and was named Rookie of the Year by Pro Wrestling Illustrated. She joined WWE’s main roster in 2015, where she won the Divas Championship.

She went on to become the RAW Women's Champion four times and the SmackDown Women's Championship five times. It made her a record ten-time women's champion on WWE's roster. In 2016, she was named the Woman of the Year for becoming the first woman to headline and win a WWE pay-per-view event. She is also among the three women who headlined WrestleMania for the first time ever in WWE’s history.

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