WWE: The Undertaker Talks About The Biggest Mistake He Made While Fighting Bruiser Brody

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WWE recently shared a clip from 'The Broken Skull Sessions' where Undertaker can be seen talking about the rookie mistake he made while fighting Bruiser Brody

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The Undertaker

WWE recently shared an extra clip from The Broken Skull Sessions where The Undertaker can be seen talking about the rookie mistake he made while fighting WWE legend Bruiser Brody. The Undertaker revealed that he was fighting Brody in 1984 and he decided to grab Bruiser Brody with an armbar without asking him. He admitted that it was a rookie mistake. However, Brody took control of the situation, but The Undertaker (who was then known as Texas Red) made another mistake.

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As Brody was about to throw Red out of the ring, The Undertaker yelled closeline and delivered a closeline to Brody. Many know that fights in WWE are not real and WWE superstars practice for days before performing in front of the huge crowd. The Undertaker said that he did all the moves which he was not supposed to do. In the end, Stone Cold (who was listening to the story) started laughing along with The Undertaker. 

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The Undertaker remembers his other mistake

On the show, The Undertaker also remembered the time he choked Kurt Angle by mistake. While coming back from a UK PPV called Insurrextion in 2001, Undertaker saw Kurt Angle and WWE chairman Vince McMahon (then rivals) fighting each other. Soon enough, he intervened and grabbed Kurt Angle by the neck to choke him. People around him said that both the rivals were just goofing around. When The Undertaker realised that he had made a big mistake, it was too late. Kurt Angle had passed out by then.

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The Undertaker thought he was going to debut as the 'Egg Man'

Later in the show, The Undertaker can be seen talking about his WWE debut. The Undertaker can be seen remembering his early days. He revealed that, before he got into WWE, they used to have a segment which included one big egg. He added that he used to get ‘stomach aches’ just thinking about that egg. He thought that the company will force him to debut as an 'Egg-Man'. However, that didn’t happen and The Undertaker made his debut in the 1990 Survivor Series.

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