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How can Mumbai Indians Qualify for IPL 2024 Playoffs? Here's MI's difficult Qualification Scenario

Can the Mumbai Indians qualify for the IPL 2024 playoff berth despite a shambolic performance in the season so far? Check out the scenarios here.

Reported by: Pavitra Shome
Hardik Pandya | Image:IPL

The Mumbai Indians are five-time IPL Champions and have been a dominant franchise in the history of the Indian Premier League (IPL). But situations took a steep turn in the 2024 season, and the team's performance was shambolic, to say the least. The crowned captain, Hardik Pandya, was unable to turn the fate as the team's struggles were on a big fat display. In the tournament so far, Mumbai has barely managed to find wins and despite having some in-form players, they have struggled throughout the time. With more than half of the league matches being concluded and the playoffs inching closer, let's dive into the playoff qualification chances for the team.   

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Mumbai Indians: Shambolic run under Hardik Pandya's leadership continues as the team's woes are on display 

Mumbai Indians have plummeted to their seventh loss after they lost to the KL Rahul-led Lucknow Super Giants in an away match. They have an outrageous NRR of -0.272. LSG gave the visitors a thrashing as the bowlers overpowered the batters who could not secure a run-filled target. Even though some batters attempted to pick up some momentum, the Lucknow bowlers would bulldoze their attempts.

The Mumbai Indians team walk out to field during the IPL 2024 match against Delhi Capitals at the Arun Jaitley Stadium | Image: BCCI

With just three wins in hand, Mumbai have slipped to the number nine position of the Points table, and it is dangerous for their stance. MI has a fighting spirit but they have been unable to make use of it at the right time. Mi's severe dip has slimmed their chances of making it into the playoff race. But as of now, what are the chances for the Mumbai-based franchise to gain back their winning ways and get into the forefront of the playoffs?

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IPL 2024 Playoffs qualification scenario for Mumbai Indians

Mumbai Indians' ship has had an iceberg-filled path which is on the verge of taking a major hit and then sinking into the ocean. But there is still a narrow chance for the team to survive and make it into the playoffs. The only chance for the team led by Hardik Pandya is that they need to win their final four tournament games in order to have a good chance of making the playoffs. They will reach 14 points as a result. In addition to winning every game, they must ensure a big victory because their NRR is negative. They will also require a few additional outcomes to work in their favour in addition to this. But as other teams are still running for the championship, this won't secure them a position in the final round of the competition. The Hardik Pandya-led team was desperate to win because a defeat would spell their elimination from the IPL


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