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Fun Games To Play On Zoom App With Friends To Pass Time Amidst Lockdown

With social distancing becoming the new norm, one can indulge in fun games to play on Zoom app. Create and mix your own questions for some fun with friends.

games to play with friends on zoom

Do not let the lockdown keep you at bay from all the fun you can have from home. With more video applications at the disposal, one can use it to create interactive sessions with friends. A good solution to the lockdown boredom is playing online games with your friends on the Zoom application. There are fun options for games to play with friends on Zoom. Make sure that you invite all your friends for the games beforehand and there is no confusion at the last moment while playing the games. Read on to find some great solutions to games to play on Zoom with friends

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A list of games to play with friends on Zoom 


The best way to deal with numbers is to play Bingo. You can use the site My Free Bingo Cards to unlock an evening full of fun. Arrange some fun virtual prizes to whoever wins one or many rounds.

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Most Likely to…

You can create a set of questions before the virtual games night with friends on zoom begins. For example, ‘who is going to get married first?” or “who will travel around the world?”. Ask these set of questions and all of the friends involved in the call can write it down on cards and reveal it at once. A fun way to learn what your friends feel about you.

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You can host a trivia night, which is an interesting game to play on Zoom application. There can be personalized trivia questions that can be asked using One can also share screen and play using the site This can be fun games to play on Zoom app and also test your IQ.

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Name, place, animal, thing

Out of all the games to play with friends on Zoom, his game used to be an everyday fun while you were a kid, it is time to bring it back on Zoom application. The rules are the same, however, there will be time restrictions for this game. Arrange prizes or you can simply give bragging rights to the one who wins the game.


The most competitive yet fun game of Pictionary can come to your rescue during a game night. Ask everyone to hold a pen and a paper and let them draw the things they want you to guess. You can use the site Pictionary Word Generator site to create unique games and teams as well. Have fun with the games to play with friends on Zoom. 

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