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How To Make An Instagram Filter Using Spark AR Application? Details Inside

How to make an Instagram filter? might be the question various creative social media users are asking. Read below to know how to use Spark AR to create filters.

how to make an instagram filter

Instagram filters have evidently taken over social media for users to express themselves using creative methods. Nowadays, Instagram filters have become more expressive and give users a completely unprecedented and unique way to showcase their quirky talent on Instagram. But, making Instagram filters is also an option for users who wish to showcase their own artistic skills on social media. Check out how to make Instagram filters below - 

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Make Instagram filter using Spark AR

  • Download and install Spark AR application from the official website. Spark AR is available for both Mac and Windows users. 
  • When installed, the Spark AR application will present a number of options to choose like Animated face mask, light leak and face zoom. 
  • This step by step tutorial will focus on creating Face Distortion filter for Instagram. 
go crorona

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  • When the Face Distortion sample project is opened, one can use various options to change effects like 'facemesh_distortion' and 'Deformation' as shown below - 
face mesh
  • Export the sample effect by heading to the 'File' menu. 
  • Once exported, head to and upload the effect
  • Users will be asked on which platform they wish to upload the filter. Make sure Instagram is selected. 
corona go

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Once the filter is uploaded on the website, click publish and select the category in which the filter fits the best. Various categories like Funny, Selfie, Weird, Scary, etc. will be available for users. Once published, users can test their filter by clicking preview for up to 200 times. Once the filter is tested properly by users and their near ones, it can be then sent for review. An average review takes up to one business day to get approved and if passed, the Instagram filter then becomes a part of the extensive list of Instagram filters. 

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