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How To Use Family Plan In Apple Music? Read On To Know The Step By Step Procedure

How to use family plan in Apple music? With family sharing, one can share music with five other family members on Apple devices. Read on to know the details.

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how to use family plan in apple music

Apple family sharing is a method with the help of which you and five other members of your family can share access to different services of Apple. This includes Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple News+, and Apple TV+. With the help of Apple family sharing, you and your family members can share Apple Books, iTunes and App Store purchases, family picture albums, and an iCloud storage plan. You can also help each other to locate missing devices too. 

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The head of the family invites family members to the Apple Music family plan. After the family members join the Apple music family plan, they will be able to get access to the subscriptions of the group and also the different content that can be shared. Individual family members will be using their account and in this way, the usage details of the family members stay private and personalized. 

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Apple music sharing ids can also be made for your kids. If the kid is under 13 years of age, parents can make their ID. When you invite family to Apple music, the kid can use the account on their own Apple device. They can also make their buying decisions. However, parents can set limits for their children and there are integrated parental control features present as per details on However, the age limit will vary from one country to another. So check twice before making an ID for your kid. 

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How to use family plan in Apple music?

To invite family to Apple music, the following steps have to be undertaken by an individual. One needs to set up family sharing and invite their family members. If you have already set up family sharing, everyone in the group will get access to Apple music after you have completed the subscription.

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  • First, open the Apple Music app or iTunes on your device.
  • Then look for the option Listen Now or For You.
  • Click on the trial offer option. The trial is usually for one person in the family.
  • Select family and then click on Start Trial.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID and password. Then go on to make the purchases. If you do not have an Apple ID, then select 'create a new Apple ID' and then make the purchases.
  • Confirm the information for billing purposes and add a payment method.
  • Click on Join.

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