Wearable Technology Takes A Marginal Shift In The Past Decade; Details Inside


Wearable technology has evidently evolved through the years from basic earphones and The Walkman to wireless and advanced devices. Read below for more.

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Wearable technology

At first glance, wearable technology can be called as the ones which we are introduced to recently like smartwatches and wireless earphones. But, they have been around in the mainstream ever since The Walkman was introduced back in 1979.

Becoming a technological triumph, The Walkman sold over 200 million units. Through the years, wearable technology has changed and evolved from its original form.

Here is a look as to how wearable technology has evolved in the past decade. 

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Wearable technology in the past decade

Though by 2000s, wearable technology had evolved with the introduction of Bluetooth headsets, fitness trackers and the release of iPod. But, the sector of wearable technology grew when Google introduced its Google Glass in 2013.

Followed by the entry of the Apple watch in 2013. With the debut of Apple's smartwatch, various big technological giants were also interested in exploring the sector of wearable technology as a plethora of smartwatches were introduced after 2013.

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Now, wearables like Apple Watch, Fitbit, Motiv Ring and virtual reality devices have changed the way people receive, consume and share data. The wearable technology advancement has brought upon a shift in how technology is viewed and recognized.

Fitness trackers now have the ability to track the heart rate of a person and can be used to send notifications to nearest authorities if the user of the device has faced a health crisis or been in an accident.

Some companies now are also experimenting with AI to make an interactive device for the end-user, changing the way people communicate with their electronic devices. 

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As the scale of wearable technology goes ahead, designers will evidently have newer opportunities to expand. As the role technology plays in human lives becomes more and more important, the dependency on wearable technology could reportedly grow even further.

A new age of smart jewellery which can track one's fitness while looking like a day-to-day accessory has also been introduced in a few markets. 

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