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Where Is Military Base In GTA 5 And How To Spot Base Directly From Map?

Where is the military base in GTA 5? Here is the easiest and quickest way to spot the military base directly from the GTA map. Read more to know about GTA 5.

Where is the military base in GTA 5

Rockstar Games happens to be one of the most famous game publishers since the release of their franchise, Grand Theft Auto. Their latest GTA franchise game, GTA 5 has been one of the most played games all over the globe. The game gives the players an option to play in two different gaming modes- story mode and online mode. 

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But a huge number of players have been asking a lot of questions about the game. Players have been trying to figure out questions like, “Where is the military base in GTA 5?”. For the unversed, the military base is not marked on the map. The players often infiltrate the facility to steal the Hydra fighter jet.

Thus, if one still wants to figure out where is the military base in GTA 5, they can check out the following step-by-step guide to finding the military base in GTA 5. Read more to know, where is the military base in GTA 5.

  • Source: Rockstar games official website 

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Where is the military base in GTA 5

In GTA 5’s story mode, the military base will be labelled as "Lago Zancudo" on the map view.  But the online mode does not have the labelling when seen on the map. When noticed from the satellite view depiction of GTA 5's map, it is noticed that the military base is just south of the North Chumash beach. For another landmark, one can check out the Mount Josiah and the small town of Harmony as the base is located on the west side of the two.

If noticed properly, once can easily spot the military base because of its peculiar structure. The military base is can be spotted by the tip of the base. This is because of the tip just extends out till the shoreline. This is the quickest way to find the military base in GTA 5.

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In a 2017 update, the makers added some purchasable hangars to the military base. One can also buy those hangars and easily enter the military base without increasing their wanted level. But if they shoot a single bullet or try to steal any vehicle from the other, they will be hunted down by the military till the wanted level completely vanishes.  Here are the hangars that can be bought inside GTA 5’s military base:

  • Fort Zancudo Hangar 3497 - $2,085,000
  • Fort Zancudo Hangar 3499 - $2,650,000
  • Fort Zancudo Hangar A2 - $3,250,000

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