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YouTube Comments Moved? How To Move YouTube Comments Back? Read Here!

Are the YouTube comments moved? The YouTube app on the phone has had an update where the comments section have been moved right below the 'Subscribe' tab.

youtube comments moved

The YouTube app recently updated some of its settings that one can download on their phones. This update confused many as they were unable to find the comments sections that come below the selected video. In a past update, the YouTube comments were found after the 'Up Next' section and hence there was a lot of confusion regarding the same.

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How to move YouTube comments back?

The YouTube comments, as per the new update, have now been shifted to just below the section where a person can subscribe for the channel. One comment will be shown in this bar along with two arrows pointing upwards and downwards in the right side corner. One has to simply click on this bar and the comments section will be opened.

Image credits: Screenshot of YouTube interface

Previously, the comments section used to be below the Up Next section. This way, if somebody had to comment or read the comments on the video, they had to scroll all the way down to the end and then comment on it. This way, they first had access to the Up Next section.

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It is important to note that one cannot move the comments section back to where it was before. It is an app update. The comments section will be featured as a bar just below the subscribe section.

There are channels and some videos that show that the comments of the video are disabled. According to a tech report on YouTube, this could be because of two reasons. First, it could be because the owner of the YouTube account has disabled the comments. Secondly, it could be due to the fact that YouTube itself has disabled the comments for that particular video.

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Many people are going on Google search and are trying to look for solutions to this update. They are unhappy at the new updates and many even took to Twitter to share that they did not like the update. There were also opposing opinions, as people thought that a click was easier than scrolling all the way.

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Here are some Twitter reactions on ‘YouTube comments moved’:

Google Trends also shows how people are trying to find solutions on Google. The constant increase and decrease in the graph show how much people have searched about the same from May 7, 2020. On May 8, the graph touched its peak as searches were the highest at around 10.40 AM. One can also see what all people are searching on Google below.

Image credits: Screenshot of Google Trends

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