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I3 7th Generation Vs I3 10th Generation: Which Chipset Gets Work Done Faster?

i3 7th generation vs i3 10th generation: Read below to know which chipset between the two has better computing power and performance enhancements -

i3 7th generation vs i3 10th generation

In 2020, people using computing devices with an i3 processor surely raises some eyebrows. The processor was introduced back in 2010 thus using the older processor with low-grade processing power does leave the user asking for more. However, the i3 chipset has had more than just a few upgrades and users choose between the 10th or 7th generation of the chip, depending on their preferences and the task they wish to get through with their computer. Read below to know the difference between i3 7th generation and i3 10th generation:

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i3 7th gen

The original name of i3 7th gen is Intel Core 13-7020U. The chipset supports integrated intel graphics, this means that users need not install a separate graphics card. Whereas, the 7th gen processor also supports a 64-bit system, which allows users to get increased performance. The semi-conductor size of the chipset has been based on 14 nm technology, while the chips have gotten smaller since then, it still manages to provide a mid-range performance.

The i3 7th gen without a doubt has lower performance than the i3 10th gen as the progression of the updates determine the performance. However, there is one aspect where the 7th gen chipset actually beats its higher counterpart; the CPU. The CPU speeds of i3 7th gen have been clocked in at 2 x 2.3 GHz, whereas, the i3 10th gen comes with the CPU speed of lower 2 x 2.1 GHz. Besides this, the L1 and L2 cache of both the devices have been clocked at the speed of 128 KB and 0.5 MB. 

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i3 10th gen

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that the 10th gen of i3 is higher in performance than the 7th gen. The i3 10th gen has 533 MHz higher RAM speed coupled with an impressive higher memory bandwidth of 41.66 GB/s as compared to 34.1 GB/s of the 7th gen. The maximum memory size of i3 10th gen is greater than the event generation by 32GB. The chipset is 16mm narrower than the 7th gen, clocking in at 26mm. But, none of the i3 chips comes with an integrated big.LITTLE technology. 

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