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AC Odyssey The Blind King: Learn How To Complete The Blind King's Quest

Ac Odyssey has many quests that players can complete over the course of their journey. Learn how to complete the AC Odyssey Blind King Quest here.

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It has been a long while since AC Odyssey has delivered. The establishment as of now has its new portion AC Valhalla, however, players have still not quit playing their cherished game. AC Odyssey has been giving new substance to the players to be submerged in since the arrival of the game and they won't stop at any point in the near future. One of the characters in the game has sparked the player’s curiosity, many want to know more about AC Odyssey The Blind King.

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AC Odyssey The Blind King

In AC Odyssey, the players will come across a blind beggar that will ask them to visit certain monuments and return to them. This quest is not easily found by many and that is why many players wonder about the blind king location. The Blind King location in AC Odyssey is the Island of Megaris near the Temple of Apollo. Players will have to visit these monuments and relive the man’s time to complete the missions, here are all the locations that the players need to visit to complete The Blind King’s Quest in AC Odyssey:

Statue of Zeus

  • The first monument the players need to visit is a gigantic statue of Zeus on the island of Kephallonia where the player starts his journey from.

Statue of Athena

  • This is the second monument that players need to visit and that is the Gold Armored Statue of Athena in Athens near the Akropolis Sanctuary.

Temple of Aphrodite

  • The third location that the players need to visit is the Temple of Aphrodite which is located towards the south of Korrinthia on top of a mountain.

Stymphalos Armored Bird

  • The fourth monument that players need to visit is an armored tree near the border of Achaia and West of Korrinthia, this monument is called the Stymphalos Armored Bird.

Taygetos Overlook

  • The last and final location that the players need to visit is the Taygetos Overlook which is towards the southwest of Sparta.

After visiting all the locations the players can head back to the beggar, on their way they will be greeted by a Persian soldier that wants the head of the blind beggar, players can decide either to assassinate the soldier or the beggar. If they let the blind beggar survive, they will be led to a location where the treasure can be claimed.

Themistokles’ treasure

  • The treasure will lead the players to the island of Salamis, where they need to look for the Ruined Sanctuary of Ajaz where they will be greeted by a bunch of bloodthirsty bandits guarding a treasure chest. Kill the bandits and raid the treasure chest to complete this quest.

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