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AC Valhalla Borghild: Here Is A Guide To The Aleswife's Bane Flyting Quest

AC Valhalla quest of Borghild will require the players to battle and defeat Borghild in a flyting and drinking battle. Read on to know more.

ac valhalla

Assassin's Creed Valhalla comes under the game category of an action role-playing video game that is developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. Valhalla is the twelfth major installment and the twenty-second release in the Assassin's Creed series. It is also the successor to the 2018's Assassin's Creed Odyssey. This article will serve as a guide for Borghild the Aleswife's Bane Flyting and Borghild can be found in the town of Picheringa, Eurvicscire.

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AC Valhalla Borghild

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Borghild the Aleswife's Bane Flyting Answers

  • "Your face is a wreck, you're a blight on the Norse." - Your face brings to mind the arse-end of a horse!.
  • "You're a pig-headed, ugly, excuse for a Dane." - Now to look upon you leaves both my eyes in pain.
  • "I'm a champion, a winner, I'll claim the top prize!" - You've drunk far too much ale, now, you're just telling lies.

AC Valhalla Guide

  • Battle for the Northern Way - Rygjafylke, Honor Bound, Family Matters, A Seer's Solace, The Prodigal Prince, Rude Awakening, A Cruel Destiny, Birthrights and The Seas of Fate.
  • Battle for the Northern Way - Ravensthorpe, The Swan-Road Home, Settling Down and The Alliance Map.
  • The Kingmaker's Saga - Ledecestrescire, The Sons of Ragnar, Bartering, Rumors of Ledecestre, The Walls of Templebrough, Tilting the Balance, Heavy Is The Head, Hunted and Report on Ledecestrescire
  • The Song of Soma - Grantebridgescire, The Great Scattered Army, Orphans of the Fens, Glory Regained, Razing Earnningstone, Unholy Father, Storming Ravensburg, The Stench of Treachery, An Island of Eels and Reporting on Grantebridgescire
  • Asgard Saga - Asgard, View Above All, Well-Traveled, Defensive Measures, Extended Family, Forging a Bond: Part 1, A Feline's Footfall, Taking Root, Forging a Bond: Part 2, The Big Finish and Binding Fate.
  • Jotunheim Saga - Jotunheim, Mistress of the Iron Wood, The Lost Cauldron, A Gift from the Past, A Feast to Remember and The Price of Wisdom.

AC Valhalla Update

  • Ubisoft Connect Achievements Are Here  
    • Added in-game support for Ubisoft Connect achievements to the game. 
    • Unlock conditions for Quest-related or not-repeatable achievements: 
    • Achievements where unlock conditions have been met will pop when the player completes a new quest. 
    • Unlock conditions for Countable/repeatable achievements:   
    • Achievements will pop whenever the player performs an achievement-related action past the unlock condition. 
  • Miscellaneous  
    • The Animus Pulse will now highlight dead bodies for necessary situations only. 
    • Enemies can no longer be auto looted using the Throw Weapons perk. 
    • Tweaked AI detection when using disguise while dodging or while being in-air.  
    • Added a reward to the Death Stranding homage.  
    • Quivers and rations will now refill when upgrading them while they are depleted. 
    • White dots hinting at rations/adrenaline/arrow loot beyond interaction range will no longer be displayed when the player has max quantity already.  
    • Players will now be able to use "Wake up" at any time while in Asgard. Previously you had to complete the first quest.  
    • Daily quests will now reset whenever the game detects that it's not possible to continue or restart the quest. The quest may then be reactivated at the informer.  
    • Added Text-to-speech to letters found in-game. 
    • Added previews to colour-blind and subtitle options.  
  • Balancing 
    • Tweaked damage dealt and received values for the Lost Wolf boss encounter to reduce friction when playing on Drengr difficulty.  
    • Rebalanced initial damage dealt with Harpoon Impalement Lvl 1 / 2.

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