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AC Valhalla Guide: Learn How To Parry In The Game And Perfect Your Combat Skills

AC Valhalla has a very complex combat system which takes some time getting used to. Learn how to parry in AC Valhalla and get better at combat with this guide.

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AC Valhalla has hit the stores and players are buying the game in massive numbers. This game is based on Norse Mythology and it has incorporated traditional Norse weapons. There are a lot of weapon types and attacks the player can use for in-game combat. The player needs to be well versed with combat controls of AC Valhalla as they have been designed to be quite complex. But once the player gets the hang of it, they can inflict some real damage. They have been asking how to parry in AC Valhalla.

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How to parry in AC Valhalla?

The combat in AC Valhalla is very action-heavy and the players can find themselves in a fix if they don’t know the proper controls. Players will often find themselves in sticky situations while in combat and one of the best ways to get out of it is to learn how to parry in AC Valhalla.

To parry attacks in AC Valhalla, the player needs to hold a weapon in their left hand. This weapon could be a small blade or a shield. The player needs to time the button LB or L1 correctly as soon as the enemy attacks to perform a successful AC Valhalla Parry. As soon as the AC Valhalla parry is performed, the enemy is caught off guard and is vulnerable for a few seconds. This small-time frame is when the players can inflict the most damage.

During the start of the game, the players won’t understand the benefits of the parry move AC Valhalla, but as the game progresses and the difficulty of enemies increases too, AC Valhalla Parry will become the player’s best friend.

There are certain attacks that can be parried and some can't. The player can understand that according to the aura over the enemy before they unleash their attack. If the aura of the enemy is red, it means that they are going to unleash a heavy attack that can’t be parried and if tried, it will leave the player flying. In these situations, the best move is to attack all attacks that have a red aura to preserve the players' life. There is one last thing to keep in mind while parrying. AC Valhalla has introduced a new stamina meter. Stamina decreases when the player parries and if the stamina meter is over, the player will not be able to parry and be left vulnerable to the enemies.

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