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AC Valhalla: Here's A Walkthrough Of 'A Triumphant Return' Quest

AC Valhalla has a fascinating quest called 'A Triumphant Return' in the East Anglia story arc. Read on to know how to complete this quest here.

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AC Valhalla is a best-in-class action RPG game. Players will play as one of the unbelievable Vikings and will also employ their strong weapons. AC Valhalla has a ton of stuff spread over the guide that can be found either by finishing missions or find them in the open while investigating the wonderfully made universe of AC Valhalla. Many players have asked about AC Valhalla A Triumphant Return Quest.

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AC Valhalla A Triumphant Return Quest

A Triumphant Return Quest in AC Valhalla is there to mark the return of Oswald to East Anglia and also to disrupt the forces of Rued. The players will have to first look for Rued’s Spies and incapacitate them to bring them back to Oswald for Interrogation. After the interrogation Eivor and his allies will learn the location of a fort, here they will need to defeat all the enemies that are present in the fort.

The players have two options, they can either get rid of everyone sneakily or take an aggressive approach and meet all the enemies upfront. After these enemies are defeated the players will have to enter a breakable floor by using their incendiary arrows on flammable pots, which will lead them to a brazier, here they will need to defeat the two enemies and light the brazier to mark A Triumphant Return for Oswald.

AC Valhalla Case of the Missing Ale

In AC Valhalla players can set up their own brewery. Once they do that, they receive the quest for the same, this Quest is called the Case of the Missing Ale. For this quest the players need to head over to Grantebridgescire and look for Ake, after speaking to him, they will be tasked to find the secret brew. Here’s how to complete the Case of the Missing Ale Quest:

  • Players find this quest a little difficult as there are no quest markers for it. The players need to head east towards Ubtech to find a bandit camp that holds the missing ale.
  • Here the players will need to defeat all the bandits and then carry the barrel of ale on their back till Ake’s boat.
  • As the players are carrying the barrel on their back, they won’t be able to use a horse and instead walk down till the river coast and look for Ake’s boat.
  • Once they reach and deliver the barrel of Ale to Ake’s boat, the quest will be completed.

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