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AC Valhalla Hrimfaxi: Check Out The New AC Valhalla Mount Skin Here

AC Valhalla constantly updates the game and adds new substance for the players to try out. Check out AC Valhalla Hrimfaxi, the new mount skin here.

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AC Valhalla has been taking off to fame consistently. Players will play as a strong Viking called Eivor. They have the decision to play as a male character or a female character. Before long in the game, their mission for vanquishing England begins and the player's long and astounding excursion starts. During this excursion, the players become familiar with their roots and furthermore learn the method of the Assassins. AC Valhalla additionally has a gigantic measure of journeys for the players to stay in. Numerous players have inquired about AC Valhalla Hrimfaxi.

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AC Valhalla Hrimfaxi

Hrimfaxi is the new Horse mount skin that has been added to AC Valhalla, players can purchase this skin for 150 Opal at Reda’s Shop. According to Assassins Creed Wiki A deaf horse, Hrimfaxi was owned by an Anglo-Saxon man who lived in the East Anglian town of Norwich. One day, she wandered away from her owner and became stranded on a dock on the bank of a low river. Seeing a chance to steal the horse, a local girl named Asta tried to call it to her side as she had seen Hrimfaxi's owner do before, but her efforts were to no avail due to the horse's deafness. Sometime later, the Viking Eivor Varinsdottir passed through Norwich and upon hearing Asta's fruitless attempts at coaxing the horse to shore, decided to rescue Hrimfaxi.

How to customise Raven in AC Valhalla?

The Raven is a very important character in the game. Players use the ability of the Raven very often in the game, it slows them to search for items faraway and also scout enemy areas before getting into the battle. There is a new feature that the game has introduced, where the player can customise the appearance of the Raven ingame. Here’s how to customise Raven in AC Valhalla.

  • There are two ways to this, first way for the players is to purchase a Stable and an Aviary
  • This purchase will cost the player 400 supplies and 30 raw material
  • If they don’t have the resources to make the purchase, they can use the second way and just head to an already existing stable on the map
  • Once they reach the stable, they need to talk to the stable master
  • Ask the stable keeper to ‘see shop’ and then head to the Aviary tab
  • Here the players can browse various skins for their Raven
  • These skins cost up to 650 silver
  • Once the player has decided on the skin they can purchase it and it will change the appearance of their raven.
  • They can always revert back to the original raven by following the same steps

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