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AC Valhalla: Who Is The Vault? Know All About Closing The Vault Quest

One of the quests of AC Valhalla is known as Closing the vault. The players will be given with a task of finding out who actually is the vault.

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In AC Valhalla, Vault is a part of the Closing the Vault quest. Here the players will have to figure out who is The Vault. This would be one of the members of the Order of the Ancients that are financing the cult’s escapades. Continue reading to know all about the quest of who is the vault in AC Valhalla.

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Who is the Vault in AC Valhalla?

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When the mission starts, the conclusion that most players come to is that the Vault can be one of these four people – Ricsige, Faravid, Audun, or Hjorr. The players will need to talk to all the council members of Jorvik that are present in the courtyard. Mainly, Audun, Faravid, Hjorr, and Ricsige. After that, you need to go and talk with Ljufvina again; she can be found standing to the left of Ricsige.

The choice actually is not going to matter. Whoever you choose, right or wrong, a specific number of events are going to happen, which will culminate into an all-out battle. Audun is Vault in the Closing the Vault quest. He will propose a huge toast to the lords and ladies of Jorvik. This food will be poisoned by Audun and after they all drink the wine, they will fall down on the floor. After this, Audun will start revealing who he is.

AC Valhalla Guide

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    • Rude Awakening
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    • Birthrights
    • The Seas of Fate
  • Battle for the Northern Way - Ravensthorpe
    • The Swan-Road Home
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    • The Alliance Map
  • The Kingmaker's Saga - Ledecestrescire
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    • Bartering
    • Rumors of Ledecestre
    • The Walls of Templebrough
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  • The Song of Soma - Grantebridgescire
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    • Razing Earnningstone
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    • Defensive Measures
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    • A Feline's Footfall
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    • Forging a Bond: Part 2
    • The Big Finish
    • Binding Fate
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