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How To Catch Fish In 'Animal Crossing New Horizon' And Where To Find Them?

Fishing is one of the best pastime activities in Animal Crossing. Read on to learn how to catch fish in Animal Crossing New Horizon and where you can find them.

How to catch fish in Animal Crossing

Fishing is quite an exciting activity in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Also, when you are living on the island, you are presented with plenty of opportunities to catch a variety of fish and bugs. These can be sold for money, sent to the museum, presented as gifts to villagers, and can also be kept as a furniture. The game offers a total of 80 fish. Here is a list of the different species of fish available in Animal Crossing.

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Get a fishing rod

If you are looking to catch a fish, you will first need a fishing rod. Early in the game, you will receive a flimsy fishing rod, which you can choose to upgrade at the DIY bench. You will see a wide range of fishing rods, so don't be thrown off by the various types available; the tools simply defer on the number of times they can be used for fishing before breaking. However, once it breaks, you can craft a new rod at the DIY bench with resources available around the island. You can also purchase a new one at Nook’s Cranny.

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How to catch fish in Animal Crossing?

To catch a fish, you will need to locate a fish-shaped shadow in the water around the island and equip the fishing rod. As you face the water, aim to drop the hook close to where the fish are and wait until they spot it. As the floater begins to submerge underwater, tap ‘A’ immediately to reel in the fish. However, you should note that hitting the A button too quickly or too slowly can lead to failure, and may scare away the fish.

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Where can you find fish in Animal Crossing?

In Animal Crossing, you can find three different environments for fish on the island, including the ocean, river, and pond. The river is further divided into a river mouth, river clifftop, and general river. The ocean, on the other hand, offers a more specific pier location, a wooden pier which is located on your island. Fish like salmon can be spotted at the river mouth, where a river connects with the ocean. Fish like the cherry salmon can be caught at parts of the river on your island's cliffs, while others like the carp and tadpole can only be found in ponds.

How to use Fish Bait in Animal Crossing?

For those of you who are looking to make your fishing adventures a lot more efficient, you will need to use a fish bait. At first, you will need to go to your preferred fishing spot and pull up the inventory. Select the Fish Bait and scatter it on the surface of the water. Once you do this, random fish will start to appear and you follow the same fishing steps as above.

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