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Apex Legends April Fools 2020: Respawn Treats Fans To A Gold Mozambique

Apex Legends April Fools - Respawn has upgraded its underpowered weapon to a new gold Mozambique as part of an April Fools joke. Read for details on the weapon.

Apex Legends April Fools

Most gamers don't really bother using the triple-barrel shotgun pistol Mozambique in Apex Legends. It comes with a very limited range of damage and is often overshadowed by many other starter weapons in the game. Interesting, the developers seem to be well aware of its status as a meme gun as they decided to have some fun with fans in honour of April Fools’ Day. Players are now coming across an upgraded Mozambique which has been added as a drop with some special attachments.

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Apex Legends April Fools 2020 - Developers add a gold Mozambique

A number of Apex Legends players have been posting videos of an upgraded gold Mozambique that is currently available in the game. Here's one player using the new Mozambique:

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Respawn Entertainment has equipped Mozambique with some extraordinary attachments. Check out the video below where a player can be seen having two of the weapons which he uses to destroy players in a lobby.


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Apex Legends update

The developers had not made any announcements about the new Mozambique being added to the game with the recent update and had left it in the game as a surprise for the fans. The gun isn't terrible and is actually a fun little addition during a time where a number of companies have added funny tidbits in their games. For users to try out this upgraded weapon, they will notice that the worst shotgun in the game has been extremely overpowered.

And while its just part of April Fools joke, it isn't really known how long the weapon will stay in the game, but it certainly seems to be a way to get players to dive into Apex Legends on April Fool's Day.

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment | Dotesport

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