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How To Get Eggs In Animal Crossing New Horizons And What To Do With Them?

The Bunny Day event brings a new activity where players are tasked to hunt for hidden eggs on their island. Read on to learn how to get eggs in Animal Crossing.

How to get Eggs in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is having its first Bunny Day event which started on April 1. To celebrate the first live event, yellow rabbit Zipper T. Bunny has hidden a number of special eggs across your island. You will need to search for Zipper T. Bunny who will be seen roaming around the island. He will assign you a task where you will have to search for the hidden eggs and recipes spread across the island.

So, if you are ready to participate in the Bunny Day event, make sure that your Nintendo Switch is synced to real-time and your game is updated. Also, you won’t be able to time travel in order to access the event, as Animal Crossing will run a check to see if you’re in sync.

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Types of Eggs in Animal Crossing New Horizons

The egg hunt will have players searching for a variety of eggs including Earth eggs, Stone eggs, Leaf eggs, Wood egg, Sky eggs, and Water eggs.

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How to find Eggs in Animal Crossing?

You will need to search for these eggs in the ground by digging them up, in bodies of water, among other places. Every method will yield a different type of egg:

  • Earth Egg – Dig up fossil-style cracks from the ground
  • Stone Egg – Hit the rocks
  • Leaf Egg – Shake the trees
  • Wood Egg – Hit trees using an axe
  • Sky Egg – Pop out of colourful balloons
  • Water Egg – Fish out of water bodies

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What to do with Eggs in Animal Crossing?

Once you find these eggs, they can be used for crafting a variety of limited-time Bunny Day-themed items to decorate your home or town. And if manage to locate and create all the recipes, you will also earn a special reward.

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