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Apex Legends Reveals New LTM For September Soiree - Armed And Dangerous

Apex Legends had a shaky start to their September Soiree, but now they are back with a bang. Learn more about the new LTM, 'Armed and Dangerous'.

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Apex Legends is back with a new event for its September Soiree and it’s a limited-time mode. The new event is called ‘Armed and Dangerous’. September Soiree was supposed to launch with ‘Big Dummies Day’ but the game was facing a lot of bugs during the launch of this event which was leading the game to crash. Therefore, September Soiree had been delayed, but now it's back with a bang with an all-new limited-time event.

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Armed and Dangerous

The launch of the new LTM mode ‘Armed and Dangerous’ was announced through an official tweet by Apex Legends. The tweet read, “Look alive, Legends, and be sure to watch your six. Play Armed and Dangerous now through Sept. 22!”.

Armed and Dangerous replaces King’s Canyon After Dark Map which was the LTM event last week. In the new LTM, ‘Armed and Dangerous’, players can only use shotguns and snipers on the map. The use of SMGs, Assault Rifles, LMGs, and Pistols has been disabled. The event will also feature several cosmetics for the players to win, such as skins for players and guns. September Soiree will keep rewarding players through events until the Soiree ends. This new LTM mode can be played from Sep 16-Sep 22

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Apex Legends September Soiree

The September Soiree will provide the players with a huge amount of rewards they can earn. Grand Soiree Skins will be back in the store for a limited time. Skins for Octane, Pathfinder, Wattson, Bloodhound will be returning to the shop. New visuals for the players to earn have been put too, R-99, G7 Scout, Hemlok, and Spitfire.

A majority of these cosmetics can be bought through the Grand Soiree Bundle. The bundle includes five legendary skins and three rare visuals for the amount of 6.000 Apex coins. Pathfinder and Wattson have their own individual sets which cost 2,500 Apex coins each.

Players can get the legendary Pathfinder gun charm, legendary Apex pack, and seven normal packs from the legendary bundle for the amount of 700 Apex coins. Players with the help of their heirlooms can try their luck at the 20-pack for 1,400 Apex coins or the 100-pack for 7,000 Apex coins. To get Bangalore’s Grand Soiree skin, the only option is to get the Viceroy Bundle for 4,000 Apex coins and this will also provide the player with two legendary Apex Packs and 45 common packs.

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