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Apex Legends Leaks, Crossplay, And The Summer Of Plunder Sale

Apex Legends is set to arrive on Stream and offer three exclusive Apex Legends cosmetics to the new players. Read on for leaks, crossplay details and more.

Apex Legends

Respawn has recently announced that its free-to-play FPS title Apex Legends is set to arrive on Steam for PC gamers. The company confirmed that the hit battle royale game will release on the Microsoft-owned video service sometime during Fall 2020. This is around the same time that the company has planned to release the video game on Nintendo Switch platform.

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Apex Legends to offer exclusive weapon charms

While the game is already available on Origin for PC users, the move will certainly bring in a whole new audience from Stream. The company will also be offering Stream users a number of exclusive weapon charms to encourage more downloads.

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Apex Legends leak reveals exclusive weapon charm

There will be a total of three exclusive weapon charms that will be available as part of the Stream release. However, before the game was even confirmed to arrive on the game streaming service, there were a number of leaks from data miners that emerged online revealing what the weapon charm will actually look like. The leaks were shared on Twitter by two data miners, Shrugtal and Biast12, who were able to discover these items from the game files. The company will likely offer these exclusive items as giveaways for a limited period at the Stream launch.

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Apex Legends crossplay

EA and Respawn are also set to launch the much-awaited Apex Legends crossplay to all of its platforms during Fall 2020 when it releases the game on Stream. This could be sometime around late September this year. The Cross-Play support will cover Origin, Steam, PS4, and Xbox One platforms.

Apex Legends Summer of Plunder sale

The Apex Legends Summer of Plunder sale has also arrived in the game which sees the return of Voidwalker Bundle, Phase Shift Bundle, Dressed to Kill Bundle, Treasure Trove Bundle and much more. Respawn Entertainment brings these sales every once in a while, where we get to see major sales of several exclusive items at premium currency. These items are available right now and the price ranges from 700 to 5,000 premium currency.

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